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November 27, 2022
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24.7% of available GamerCoins from GamerHash are already sold. [KONKURS] |

As we reported in previous articles, the Poznań-based GamerHash team started presale activities in June. The sale of GamerCoin (GHX) tokens is successful – more people are systematically joining the group of their owners, who have so far bought almost 25% of the entire available pool. is one of the main ambassadors of the project and the exclusive media partner. We have also prepared a dedicated website for those interested in purchasing.

The four weeks of June brought positively surprising results – the company quickly sold a quarter of all tokens for pre-sales and first listings. The project’s account was credited with over a quarter of a million dollars, with an average purchase value of $ 4,000.

It looks like the team is continuing their streak. At the end of summer, the company plans to appear on the Korean pre-sale platform – it is related to with the decision that the first listing will appear on one of the well-known Korean exchanges. Blocking the pool of tokens for these activities means that there are fewer and fewer purchase opportunities, and the company has not yet disclosed all cards.

Importantly – we have something special for people who read the text to the end. Next week, the company will announce a long-term strategic cooperation with a top blockchain project (with TOP 20 CoinPapryki).

The first person to show up GamerHash’s Twitter account and guess what the project (by writing its name) will get from the team of 5.000 GamerCoins.

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