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October 2, 2022
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3 reasons to buy Bitcoin – Bitcoin Radio # 30 –

If I were to list all the reasons why it is worth having bitcoin in my wallet, I would probably not have enough fingers to calculate them all. In today’s episode, however, an important topic are three reasons that appeared in the report published by JP Morgan!

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3 reasons to listen to Bitcoin Radio

First of all, the figure of a charismatic and handsome host!

Besides, some really interesting topics from last week in the cryptocurrency industry! This week the biggest impression on everyone was made by ETH, which established its new ATH. More importantly, it is not related to the usual speculative leap. Ethereum has been developing steadily for a long time in such aspects as the number of active addresses, volumes or even technological demand. This is a very good signal! So Ethereum has something to celebrate.

It is also interesting in the case of Bitcoin. The king of cryptocurrencies, according to Skew analysis, achieved the highest volatility level since the last crash in March 2020. It was then that the BTC price dropped from $ 10,000 to $ 4,000 in a very short time. This time it is similar – the new peak is set largely thanks to price drops.

Cryptocurrency declines took their toll on investor sentiment. If we look at the Crypto Fear and Greed Index, we will see extremely low numbers there indicator greed. Let us recall that in the last few months the investors’ sentiment using this tool showed a very “greedy” mood among buyers. As it turns out, even such a short-term correction that we witnessed two weeks ago can radically change the market sentiment.

So that the mood is not too bad, with happy news comes Capo – Twitter analyst, who informs that the bitcoin correction after reaching the last high is just about to end. According to his forecasts, we will face further increases. The analyst himself claims that he is closely watching several altcoin positions – is this a preview of the altcoin season? As a curiosity, I recommend using one more tool – altcoin season index.

And what are your 3 reasons to buy Bitcoin?

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