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June 28, 2022
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40 percent people want to try to pay with cryptocurrencies –

A survey by payments giant Mastercard revealed that as many as four out of ten people plan to use some kind of cryptocurrency to pay for their purchases over the next year.

Mastercard: we will pay with cryptocurrencies

Research was published on May 4 and reached over 15,500 people from 18 countries.

It found that millennials are particularly involved in the cryptocurrency market, and more than two-thirds (67% to be exact) agree with the statement that they are more open to using cryptocurrencies than they were a year ago. 77% of millennials are interested in cryptocurrencies and learning about them, and as many as 75% agree that they would use digital resources if they understood them better.

Millennials are classified by the US Census Bureau as born between 1982-2000, which means that their age range in 2021 is from 21 to 39.

Mastercard and BTC

Let us remind you that in mid-February this year. Mastercard has announced that it will process cryptocurrency payments.

The company has now also stated that while consumer interest in “liquid cryptocurrencies” such as Bitcoin is high, there is still a need to provide consumers with more choice, protection and compliance in this field.

However, the pandemic also changed the way people think about digital payments, and a new study shows that as many as 93% of people will consider using at least one new payment method, such as cryptocurrencies, biometrics, contactless payments, or a QR code, in the next year.

Craig Vosburg, Chief Product Officer at MasterCard, stated that his company must in the future enable customers to use all payment methods available on the market – including cryptocurrencies.

Looking to the future, we must continue to enable all choices, both in-store and online, to shape the trade structure and make the digital economy win-win – He said.

– It’s about choice. MasterCard is not here to recommend you get started with cryptocurrencies. But we’re here to empower customers, retailers and businesses to bring value to the digital world – the company emphasized in February.

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