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June 28, 2022
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5 unusual tools that allow you to get better results on the cryptocurrency market –

Blockchain, bitcoin and NFT technology are undoubtedly topics that have been discussed more and more in recent months, not only among die-hard cryptocurrency fans. Cryptocurrencies have also entered the mainstream, and in China a digital Juan based on blockchain technology is already being tested. Nevertheless, the greatest excitement is, as always, the profit that can be made. Today we will talk about a few solutions that will give us a much better chance of better results when confronted with the market. The solutions described here have been developed and are available through the platform SkyRocket.trade.

Trailing Stop Loss / Rolling Stop Loss

The goal of most of the tools presented here and created by SkyRocket.Trade is better exposure to profits while maintaining a high level of security during our trading. This is the purpose of using Trailing Stop Loss, thanks to which we will also understand the operation of other tools such as SkyRocket Buy or Sell.

Rolling Stop Loss, as the name suggests, makes our Stop Limit order move by a certain percentage when the price of the cryptocurrency rises. This means that our position remains open and our profits in the event of a sudden decline in value of the asset are secured. In other words, by setting the maximum acceptable decline of 3% for the Trailing Stop Loss, our order will follow the rising price, always keeping the Stop Loss at 3%. This solution is ideal for a very volatile crypto market, where rapid increases in value, especially BTC and altcoins, are the order of the day, and limit or market orders limit our potential profits.

To learn more and how to properly set the Trailing Stop Loss, please visit the article:

SkyRocket Buy

Interesting opportunities in the crypto market happen virtually every day. The accidental sale of a large amount of coins by a “fat man / whale” or a panic that lasts only for a very short period of time can be a great opportunity – if we are able to take advantage of it. Of course, we can use the opportunities for cheaper purchase of a given coin with limit purchase orders, however, we take the risk that the price will drop much lower than we assumed.

Thanks to SkyRocket Buy, we can find the optimal point of purchase on the pair we are interested in. The purchase order will be activated at the level set by us and will follow the falling price of the cryptocurrency until it rebounds by the percentage we set. SkyRocket Buy combined with the possibility of using the same capital in many pairs at the same time is also a great tool for catching the so-called flash crashes (where the potential profit using the tool can amount to even several dozen percent). More information about SkyRocket Buy can be found in the dedicated article.

SkyRocket Sell

Thanks to SkyRocket Sell, we will sell our assets at a better price than for limit orders. It is also an interesting alternative to the aforementioned Trailing Stop Loss, because it allows you to activate a trailing Stop Loss order at the moment we choose. SkyRocket Sell, apart from the fact that it can provide us with an additional profit in relation to the use of the sell order itself, in the event of a sharp increase in the price of the asset (for example the so-called Pump & Dump) can bring us even several hundred percent profits in a very short time.

You can find out about the exact operation of SkyRocket Sell here: https:///skyrocket-lekcja-4- Sellawaj- Prefer-dzieki-funkcji-skyrocket-sell/

Take Profit and Stop Loss at the same time

Thanks to the possibility of setting Take Profit and Stop Loss at the same time, we can rest easy, even though the crypto market is active 24/7. Satisfactory profits will be realized, and in the event of sharp drops, Stop Loss will be activated – only profits.


A novelty on the SkyRocket Trade platform are bots created in cooperation with the award-winning (Benzinga Fintech Award winner) and also known from the world of traditional finance, Exeria. Thanks to this cooperation, users of the SkyRocket.trade platform have over 20 bots operating in various strategies, cryptocurrency pairs as well as long and short-term investments.

The variety of bots on the platform means that they can also be a great solution for BTC and ETH HODLers – as, for example, in the case of accumulation bots, where the improved Dollar Cost Average strategy is used, in which the cryptocurrency we choose is purchased in local holes. In the following articles, we will focus on the operation of bots in more detail.

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