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October 3, 2022
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A deep correction just around the corner – Bitcoin Radio # 23 –

The next week is another opportunity for bitcoin madness. IN Bitcoin Radio this time, the king of cryptocurrencies decided to be a bit calmer than in recent weeks. Creation Satoshi Nakamoto lost less than half a percent of value, while other market positions tended to lose slightly more.

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Today on Bitcoin Radio

Microstrategy is buying more bitcoins. The most popular company investing in cryptocurrencies from the last few weeks does not turn back from the chosen path. The value of their wallet continues to grow – we will see where this is going.

ETH’s popularity is rising. We have more and more wallets worth more than 1 ETH. Most likely, this is related to the new ETH 2.0 update, which came to the cryptocurrency world at the beginning of December. Related to the transition of the world’s second most popular cryptocurrency from the algorithm Proof of Work on Proof of Stake. This means that Ether it will soon cease to be mined (as is the case with BTC), and the network will be secured by the activities of people who have a share in the supply of coins. It also offers new opportunities for passive earning and capital multiplication in ETH.

At the end – a curiosity from the Polish cryptocurrency market. If you haven’t heard about Fr. Satsbackthis project is worth checking out. Satsback is a loyalty program that allows you to receive cashbacks for online purchases in the form satoshi – fractions bitcoin. This will certainly help you save with your Christmas shopping.

Plus, Bitcoin Radio is full of other cool topics!

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