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November 29, 2022
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A look at the Shiba Inu coin meme and HUH token

Let’s look at what these two meme coins have to tell us about what a cryptocurrency would be

Cryptocurrency doesn’t seem to have been around for that long, but when we look at the plethora of cryptocurrencies in Coinmarketcap, The Times Newspaper from a crypto fanatic, it’s no wonder that from 2009 onwards the years seem to have flown by in a second.

If you are new to crypto, you are in the right place because cryptocurrencies are slowly but surely becoming one of the most used, trusted and affordable forms of financial currency in the world. The likes of Shiba Inu and HUH Token can attest to this.

A brief history of cryptocurrencies

No look at cryptocurrency would seem right without first taking a quick detour into its history.

Bitcoin, the name often confused for encompassing all cryptocurrencies, was first launched in 2009 where nothing could be bought with the currency until it started to gain traction and of course real value wagered against USD.

Over the years, many other powerful cryptos have entered the market and created competition, value increases, and strive to improve the technology that makes crypto as a whole stand out: blockchain.

Blockchains have the potential, in the eyes of the founders of Ethereum, to have far-reaching applications that outweigh the enormous financial benefits that blockchain technology and the cryptocurrencies within it offer.

Now the cryptocurrency world is filled with all kinds of tokens and coins that demonstrate different capabilities, for example, HUH Token and Shiba Inu are altcoins, which simply means they are not Bitcoin.

HUH Token is a utimeme that leverages the power of meme currency (influence is currency, the more popular a cryptocurrency, the more value it has) and the use of utilitarian currencies (can buy real-world items).

Shiba Inu is a meme coin that allows SHIB holders to profit big from its popularity.

Crypto is, in its simplest form, a digital currency, much like the pound sterling or the US dollar, however, there are no physical cryptocurrencies.

As Blockchain and cryptocurrencies grow, the technology created is making its way into the art world, where a piece of NFT can sell for millions.

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What is meme coin?

Meme coins allow holders to get closer and have more control over their cryptocurrencies than any other form of monetized entity.

For example, HUH Token will launch hundreds of influencers on January 19, 2022, who believe in the crypto project, this can exponentially increase the value of HUH to its holders.

After HUH launched on various exchanges like Bitrue.

Demonstratedly, when HUH made efforts to increase the coin’s value, it did better than expected by Reddit’s crypto critics, a key moment comes to mind, when HUH Token burned $4 million in its HUH supply.

Shiba Inu does similarly, the dog-faced meme coin that cracked the crypto marketing code often reigns supreme because of this. By leveraging the market knowledge of a SHIB holding team, the cryptocurrency managed to skyrocket to fame and because of that, it also increased the value of SHIB.

It seems that as cryptocurrencies grow, so do the foundations on which they are built, now, Shiba Inu and HUH Token, like cryptocurrencies, greatly value their holders and this harmonious meeting of two formerly distant entities seems to be working very well. .

If you are interested in Shiba Inu, you can find more information on their webpage or at Coinmarketcap.com, or you can delve deeper into the HUH Token by visiting the links below.

Web site: https://huh.social

HUH Official Swap- https://swap.huh.social/

Telegram: https://t.me/HUHTOKEN

Twitter: https://twitter.com/HuhToken

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/huhToken/

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