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August 9, 2022
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A step-by-step guide to Altcoin mining

Ravencoin (RVN) is a forked version of Bitcoin that was created to help facilitate transactions. It uses the KAWPOW algorithm, which makes it ASIC resistant and helps protect it from centralization. Many people are switching to Ravencoin mining for its high profitability. Ravencoin often appears at the top of the list of profitable currencies. It is also completely open source without an IOC.

Requirements for this tutorial

  • An Nvidia GPU with at least 3 GB of memory (learn more below)
  • A Linux or Windows operating system
  • Install the necessary drivers (learn more below)
  • One Ravencoin wallet

Recommendation: use WhatToMine to calculate profitability. You should also learn how to overclock to maximize profitability while minimizing electricity before mining.

Why Nvidia?

For this tutorial, we are using the T-Rex like mining software, which only allows Nvidia GPUs. If you want to use an AMD GPU (or both), I recommend these mining software: Nanominer and NBminer .

Mining pool

A mining pool is a group of miners working together to mine a cryptocurrency. Each mining pool has advantages and disadvantages, such as low minimum payments, high rates and low hash rates. Choose the one you are most comfortable with. Here are a few that I recommend: 2Miners , Nanopool and Supernova.

How to install Nvidia drivers (Linux and Windows)

Linux (Ubuntu):

  1. Click on the nine points.
  2. Search for “Software and updates”.
  3. Click on “Additional Drivers”.
  4. You should see the recommended drivers. Click on what suits you (recommendation: click on the one above).
Navigation to configure GPU drivers

5. Click “Apply changes”.


  1. Go to page official Nvidia driver installation.
  2. Download the right driver for you.

You have completed all the configuration work. Now let’s start mining.


1. Download the T-Rex from your GitHub.

Downloading T-Rex for Linux

2. Extract (recommendation: Extract in a paste, preferably called T-rex).

3. Navigate to the T-re-folder, either through the cddirectory or go there manually, right-click and click on “Open in Terminal”.

Navigating to the T-rex folder

4. Now we are going to start the miner. In the terminal, type the command below (make sure you are in the right folder). Exchange

insert_mining_pool_URL with the mining pool URL and

insert_RVN_wallet with your public wallet address.

./t-rex –something kawpow -o insert_mining_pool_URL -u

insert_RVN_wallet -w RavenRig -px

Running the startup script for T-Rex

5. You are successfully mining Ravencoin.


1.Download the T-Rex from your GitHub.

Downloading T-Rex for Windows

2. Extract.
3. Navigate to the file.
4. Right-click on “RVN-ravenminer” and select “Edit”.

Navigating to the edit script

5. Let’s start the miner. Replace the entire code with the command below (make sure you are in the right folder). Exchange

insert_mining_pool with the mining pool URL and

insert_RVN_wallet with your public wallet address.

./t-rex.exe -a kawpow -o insert_mining_pool -u

insert_RVN_wallet.RavenRig -px

6. Save your changes.
7. Click the file.
8. You are successfully mining Ravencoin.

Things to keep in mind

  • Generally, your antivirus software does not allow mining software to be installed due to some hackers who use your PC as mining platforms.
  • “Actions” do not mean mined blocks.
  • Most pools have a minimum payment, which means that the pool will only reward you after mining a certain number of blocks.
  • It is preferable not to use an exchange portfolio (for example, Binance) to store your currencies due to the fact that you are not in control of your portfolio and generally have a higher rate.

Source: Better Programming

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