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December 5, 2022
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ADA wins Vitalik Buterin poll

Ethereum twitter community wants ADA if ETH no longer exists

The year is 2035. You probably have a robot butler and a visit to Mars with Elon Musk’s rockets has become your vacation destination. Uber debuted flying taxis, and for those who choose to drive, the days of using the steering wheel are behind us as self-driving cars take over. For some reason, Ethereum has failed along the way as a currency. So which currency would you like to use, Bitcoin, Cardano (ADA) or the US Dollar?

This was the poll that Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum, did for his 3.1 million Twitter followers.

in your first tweet, Buterin asked his followers to choose between BTC, USD, SOL and ADA. The second tweet lets them choose between TRON, BNB, CNY and NEO. After 24 hours, the first poll ended with 600,697 votes and the second with 358,743 votes. Cardano leads the results of the first survey, followed by bitcoin and solana. Tron leads the results of the second survey, followed by BNB and NEO.

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The result was somewhat surprising. Cardano has its fair share of fans and a strong community. However, the BTC community was expected to be the largest in the industry. But in a way it reflects the challenge that BTC has always had the inability to act as a medium of exchange as its fees are high and its settlement time is much longer than Cardano.

According to an ADA whale, the Cardano community is one of the biggest in cryptocurrencies and is not driven solely by profits. The Twitter account suggests it might be time to stop bucking the trend and embrace it fully in tweets.

The ADA poll win comes despite Cardano not having the best year in 2021, relative to some of his rivals. While it hit a new high of $3.09 in September last year, its earnings have been overshadowed in 2021 by the likes of Solana, Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, Terra, and Avalanche.

Cardano also lost his position in the top five, with Solana and USD Coin overtaking him. It now ranks seventh, just above XRP, yet another project that had a very unimpressive year, being the only token in the top ten that didn’t hit a new record in 2021.

While the Ethereum co-founder’s polls sound like fun and have garnered a lot of comments and likes on social media, people have questioned Buterin’s motives for posting these polls, the choice of cryptocurrencies he’s included, whether the votes were cast by bots, and the likelihood. that 80% of transactions will be in one currency.

Bitcoin trader Tone Vays commented:

“Is Vitalik looking for a new job?”

Cryptocurrency exchange FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried opined:

These results are… wild.

Other cryptocurrencies that were recommended by Vitalik’s Twitter followers in response to polls include XRP, dogecoin, shiba inu and polkadot.

Meanwhile, several people pointed out that Buterin’s poll results only reflect the popularity of certain cryptocurrencies among his Twitter followers and users, emphasizing that they have no bearing on the popularity of a particular cryptocurrency in the real world.

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