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October 4, 2022
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After 3 years, ETH comes to seek its High History!

Ethereum’s ATH is at the door!

After 3 years when it reached its ATH in early 2018 at the Bitcoin Bull run followed by Altseason, ETH finally takes off to pursue its maxim and make new price tops.

In many Exchanges, the price hike has already been hit, but in some like Kraken it has not. THE Coincheckup indicates that Ethereum’s ATH is $ 1570.13. The fact is that it got to the point.

Many doubted because the price setback Vitalik’s project had was very strong, reaching a value of only $ 80 at the end of 2018. To return to the golden age on a $ 1500 ATH, ETH needed to do more than 1900% high, something almost inconceivable. But it did, it’s there!

Ethereum has risen more than 1900% since the end of 2018!

And now what are the next graphic steps?

Now we have no more history to base our resistance with a horizontal line, so we will need to resort to projections using Fibonacci – the good old fibo.

Ethereum ATH, where are you going now?

The supports formed by the averages (EMA89, black), mainly in the $ 1000 range, handled the correction of Bitcoin’s decline well, keeping ETH in an upward trend.

The cryptocurrency quickly reacts on the pullback and will test the resistance again at $ 1289, breaking today to get its ATH.

As we have no more history, we need to make a fibonacci projection to plot new targets. We did it.

The breakout high has already reached 0.786 fibo and the next objectives are the 100% fibonacci projection at $ 1544, hitting Coincheckup’s ATH and, more optimistic, the 161.8% at $ 1937.

New bullish airs for ETH. To the Moon?
Will Ethereum pull a new Altseason?

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