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December 5, 2022
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After Bitcoin and Dogecoin: Rapper Meek Mill plans to buy Shiba Inu

After buying BTC and DOGE, rapper Meek Mill plans to allocate resources to the so-called Dogecoin-killer – Shiba Inu.

Cryptocurrencies and the hip hop industry continue to intertwine as the famous rapper Meek Mill plans to expand his portfolio with Shiba Inu. This happened shortly after he bought Bitcoin and Dogecoin.

Meek Mill plans to buy Shiba Inu

The growing popularity of meme coins, led by Dogecoin, caught the attention of several celebrities. The trend, perhaps started by Tesla CEO – Elon Musk, has continued to grow and is now deeply connected to the United States’ hip hop scene.

Robert Rihmeek Williams, better known by his stage name Meek Mill, gave a tip about his first cryptocurrency purchase in January of this year. Although he entered the game through a more traditional option, such as bitcoin, he entered the meme coin craze in May, indicating in the Twitter: “I just bought a Doge, I’m tired of losing.”

Over the weekend, the rapper highlighted plans to buy a share of Dogecoin’s main competitor – Shiba Inu. According reported previously, the token was advertised as the “DOGE killer” and its popularity has grown in recent months.

“I’m about to buy some shiba inu coins”

The price of the Shiba Inu skyrocketed in early May, when meme coins were pumping left and right. It reached $ 0.000038 per currency after a listing on Binance, and its market capitalization placed it among the top 20 crypto assets by that metric.

However, the market crash, and perhaps the bubble burst of most meme currencies, took him south to $ 0.00000825 at the time of writing these lines. Which means that the SHIB has dropped 80% since its peak earlier this month.

Rappers and cryptocurrencies

In addition to Meek Mill, other famous rappers have also shown interest in the crypto market. Soulja Boy He asked on Twitter in early January if he should invest in that space. He later revealed several purchases of different cryptocurrencies.

Legendary West Coast artist Snoop Dogg joined the DOGE craze by tweeting about it. More recently, the rapper celebrated the 20th of April with a humorous video with a galactic theme.

Real Slim Shady (Eminem) also gained space in the sector. According reported recently, the hip hop titan announced an NFT collection called Shady Con after a collaboration with Nifty Gateway.

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