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November 29, 2022
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Alphabet, Nvidia and Gamestop beat Bitcoin in 2021

While Bitcoin’s annual return has reached 30%, companies like Alphabet, Nvidia and Gamestop have surpassed it.

If we count the last 365 days, the price of Bitcoin has increased by 31%, having hit a low of $28,000 and is now at $46,000. It should also be taken into account, however, that during 2021, Bitcoin reached its highest value, reaching nearly $69K in value for every BTC.

In addition, BTC’s market capitalization remains high – $880 billion – and, in fact, is still at first place on CoinMarketCap.

Nvidia and Alphabet shares

In contrast, tech companies like Nvidia and Alphabet appear to have an even larger market capitalization, with their shares increasing by 68% during 2021.

Other tech stocks also had good growth: for example, Nvidia shares rose 125%, taking its market capitalization to more than $750 billion.

But that’s not all: Microsoft shares were up 54%, Apple 41% and Tesla 64%.

The Gamestop case

And then there are shares of GameStop, the most famous video game retailers.

Its share price started at around $20 in early 2021 and rose to nearly $150 by the end of the same year. This is essentially a 687% increase.

During 2021, the company was much talked about thanks to the Reddit group WallStreetBets, which organized a bomb to raise the stock price, and go against the Wall Street traders who were selling them.

Gold vs Bitcoin

While Bitcoin is generally considered a safe-haven digital asset, gold is the other quintessential store of value, although it has fallen 3.51% this year.

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