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November 29, 2022
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Americans believe that DOGE is the “new Bitcoin” –

New poll According to the Gamblers Pick gambling site, as many as 25% of Americans believe Dogecoin (DOGE) is the “new Bitcoin”.

New Bitcoin

The results of the study are surprising. Every fourth person who took part in the survey (in total 1000 people participated in the survey) said that Dogecoin is their investment choice for this year.

The study itself was found to have a 3% margin of error. 5.9% of the respondents are Gen Z, 60.8% are Millennials, 22.6% are Gen X, and 10.7% are Baby Boomers.

Dogecoin has long been promoted by Elon Musk? Reason? The head of Tesla probably does it for a joke, but despite this, his tweets themselves made the cryptocurrency-meme cost $ 0.62 today, which translates into a 100% increase in the price on a 7-day scale. Today, DOGE is also located on 4th place in the digital currency market in terms of market capitalization.

Over the past year, Musk has tweeted multiple times about Dogecoin and claimed to have bought coins for his child. Other show business stars, such as the founder and bassist of Kiss Gene Simmons and former porn actress Mia Khalifa, donated Dogecoins to their fans.

Why are you investing?

Among the surveyed, as many as 54% of respondents considered investing in Dogecoin as legal “An opportunity to get rich”, compared with 46% who perceived turning DOGE as a form “Fun”.

In fact, Dogecoin is already the 170th most valuable capital asset in the world. Not bad for a cryptocurrency that was supposed to be a joke, it is a copy of BTC and is not actively developed.

Some, however, believe that the bursting of the DOGE bubble will be something like opening a Pandora’s box for the cryptocurrency market.

– Let’s be clear – this is a bubble. The DOGE price is not sustainable. It will collapse and a huge amount of retail investor money will be lost very quickly Charles Hoskinson, founder of Cardano, said. – After the bubble bursts, I believe it will be a catalyst for regulators and lawmakers to get involved in our industry and harm the industry as a whole. This is not a good party and is by no means permanent – added.

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