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Andreas Antonopoulos: Bitcoin will never be truly private | Blocksats

Andreas Antonopoulos said he would like to see Bitcoin, which is becoming more private, but it is unlikely to happen in the near future.

Bitcoin will never be the second Monero

During Q&A on his YouTube channel on July 7, Antonopoulos stated that Bitcoin (BTC) is unlikely to ever implement privacy protection features similar to those used by Monero (XMR).

Antonopoulos said that creating a privacy function on a cryptocurrency like BTC would “create a huge amount of controversy.” In addition, he believes that the bitcoin structure simply does not allow the use of ring signatures and hidden addresses.

“I think what we’ll see soon are Schnorr, Taproot and Tapscript, which open the door to many improvements. However, they still do not contain zero-knowledge evidence or the types of ring signatures and hidden addresses that are performed in Monero. Bitcoin is not a private coin. “

Schnorr, Taproot and Tapscrip improve efficiency?

Features referenced by Antonopoulos – Schnorr, Taproot and Tapscript have been recalled by others in the cryptocurrency community as having the potential to make Bitcoin more private.

Blockstream Research Director Blockstream – Andrew Poelstra, referred to Taproot as a system that could cause any transaction in the BTC chain will mostly be indistinguishable from each other. He noted, however, that “transaction amounts and the transaction chart will continue to be exposed, which is a much more difficult problem to solve.”

Another option is multi-signature schemes (MuSigs) by Schnorr. Poelstra said that using this method did not reveal the original set of signatures, nor even provide the number of signatures for MuSig transactions.

Bitcoin should be perceived more as a pseudo-anonymous than anonymous one, because many transactions in BTC blockchain can be tracked even using these privacy enhancing systems.

Andreas Antonopoulos spoke about the anonymity of bicoin at the beginning of 2019:

“Many people think Bitcoin is anonymous. This is not the case at all, but it is pseudonymous, which means that if you put huge amounts of energy into operational security and do it carefully and very carefully, then you can remain anonymous. However, only for a limited period of time. That doesn’t sound satisfying at all. “

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