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October 4, 2022
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Andreas Antonopoulos: ETH’s future is uncertain –

Andreas Antonopoulos recently entered the future of Ethereum. In a new interview with Real Vision, he said that the sheer volume of potential network use cases made it difficult to pinpoint exactly what this revolutionary project was ahead of.

Andreas Antonopoulos: I don’t know what the future of ETH is

Andreas Antonopoulos stated that Ethereum is a very versatile project. However, this does mean some potential problems.

– The cost is such that in order for the system to evolve, it has to be much faster iteration. On this path [ETH] will trip over and over again. You will see spectacular and catastrophic losses – He said.

He added that Ethereum “It is able to explore the farthest areas of innovation that Bitcoin does not want to or should not venture into, as this would undermine its essential function of generating healthy money that is immune even to attacks from the state level.”

– The future of Ethereum is obviously much more uncertain than that of Bitcoin. This is because Ethereum’s use cases are much more open-ended. It is a programmable blockchain with so many different possibilities (…). Is this an ICO as it was in 2017? Are these other tokens as was the case shortly before and shortly after? Is it decentralized finance (…)? Are these non-exchangeable tokens? The answer is simple: all of the above He replied.

Accept the good and bad sides

The bottom line is that we must accept both the good and the bad of uninhibited, wide-ranging innovation. We are now seeing the greatest level of innovation in cryptography, distributed systems and financial services that we have seen in the last 300, 400 years… And at the same time we are seeing the most audacious Ponzi scams and schemes, pyramids, thefts taking place. Many naive buyers and investors get scammed. There’s a lot of defensiveness to that – explained his point of view.

In other words, Antonopoulos points to the fact that Ethereum has an uncertain future ahead of it. It can develop into a new type of Internet, or it can get lost in innovation.

Today, however, 1 ETH costs as much as USD 1,541, i.e. over 3%. more than 24 hours in advance. On a 7-day scale, the cryptocurrency fell by 5 percent.

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