December 9, 2022
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Anonymous: Elon Musk is a “narcissistic rich man” –

Elon Musk is a character who, in the eyes of BTC fans, first became a hero to eventually turn into a super-villain. Now Tesla’s boss has stayed attacked by Internet activists under the sign of Anonymous.

Anonymous criticizes Musk

Anonymous is an international, decentralized group of Internet activists that opposes the restriction of civil liberties, corruption, consumerism, censorship, the influence of the Catholic Church on public life and violations of animal rights. In 2012, Time magazine ranked the group among the “100 Most Influential People in the World”. Now she has targeted Tesla’s CEO.

Musk was mainly hit for his comments on cryptocurrencies. Anonymous called him “Narcissistic rich man seeking attention.” In their opinion, he also disregards the fate of ordinary people.

The recording went online on Saturday. It shows a figure with a mask of Guy Fawkes (historical figure: English military, member of a group of Catholics who planned a failed gunpowder plot in 1605) on his face. The sound of her voice has been digitally changed. All this to keep her anonymity.

Over the past few years you have had an exceptionally good reputation among all billionaires as you have responded to many of us’ s desire to live in a world with electric cars and space exploration – says the mysterious person turning to Musk. “Recently, however, people are starting to see you as another narcissistic rich man desperately trying to get attention.” – he adds.

Musk – the hero turns into a villain

Musk has been manipulating the cryptocurrency market for some time. This year he revealed himself as a BTC supporter. He admitted that Tesla is starting to invest in cryptocurrencies and accepting BTC in exchange for its products. As a result, the BTC rate began to rise sharply.

Except that Tesla’s CEO suddenly changed his mind. He announced that his company would no longer accept BTC in exchange for its cars. Effect? The cryptocurrency rate has started a deep correction.

However, these are not all Musk’s sins. With his tweets, he raised the valuation of the DogeCoin cryptocurrency, which, however, is commonly regarded as a meme-currency, and not a serious project, such as Ethereum.

The billionaire, however, continues to tweet and manipulate the markets. He recently posted a rather strange post:

Twitter users already misinterpret his posts:

All this does not like Anonymous.

Millions of small investors really counted on cryptocurrency profits to improve their lives. They’ve knowingly taken the risk of volatility, but your tweets this week show a clear disregard for the average working person – reported the man appearing on the recording of the organization. – J.We’re Anonymous. We are the Legion. Expect us He added at the end.

Is this a threat against Musk? He himself reacted – how else! – by tweet. Quite strange, let’s add.

You can watch the entire recording of the organization on YouTube:

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