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August 15, 2022
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Anthony Scaramucci: Ethereum will be a store of value –

Skybridge Capital’s boss and former White House press secretary, Anthony Scaramucci, says Ethereum (ETH) will become a high-value storehouse.

Scaramucci: The Big Future Before Ethereum

In an interview with CNBC Scaramucci has said that as an institutional investor, he now focuses heavily on Bitcoin (BTC), but suspects something big will happen in the future regarding Ethereum.

I think there is a very large market for Ethereum and I predict that Ethereum has a good foundation and will continue to grow, but I’m in the institutional business. I think like an institutionalist and I need to get my clients to [właściwego] thinking about cryptocurrencies and digital assets. So in the beginning I focus on Bitcoin and now we only have a Bitcoin fund – He said.

Scaramucci then continued with the idea of ​​creating an Ethereum-focused fund. In his opinion, the second largest cryptocurrency in the world in terms of market capitalization may someday turn into a warehouse of value.

– Could we have an Ethereum fund in the future? Yes, we certainly could. Everything you say is true for non-exchangeable tokens and Ethereum technology will make it such a sticky cryptocurrency, a store of value, and something people will use to transact – He said.

Scaramucci Younger investors will prefer cryptocurrencies

When it comes to Bitcoin, the multi-billion dollar fund manager emphasizes that he is trying to prepare his clients for a generational change in the financial world.

– For us [BTC] it’s the strongest predator on the market, and I tell my clients: like it or not, the world is entering the digital age. If you think about games, you think 4k and 8k is already coming. If you think about our children, what they will think about, they will feel very comfortable trading on Ethereum or Bitcoin networks. And I have to prepare my clients for all of this. This means that if they have a 1%, 2% or 3% [na BTC]i think they will look at us as confidants and think they were served very well by it He explained.

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