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October 2, 2022
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Art and NFT, how is Digital Art changing through blockchain? –

With the increase in activity on platforms such as Nifty Gateway or Zora, poetry considered by many to be dead art is able to be reborn anew. In today’s world, in which we are largely influenced by old works, millennials strive to create something fresh, something … “our”. People are hungry for news, and the NFT can help a lot. The tokens guarantee the originality of given works of art – and those available on the Internet. Today we will look at a few examples of how art and NFT can support each other in creating a new reality and situation on the cryptocurrency market.

Art and NFT – Artists’ technology

Poem on the NFT

The openness of the NFT to artistic publication can be seen in one of the recent achievements of Arch Hades. The Instagram poet made a large fortune selling one of her poems on the Nifty Gateway, earning about $ 75,000.

The poem is part of a collection with singer RAC and designer Andrés Reisinger, which has had sales of 75 postcards. Each of them featured a unique one-minute RAC song. It can therefore be said that this is the first significant row sold as NFT.

It took over 10 years, but for the first time in my career, I am completely independent. I’m going to release music through my own label Minerva and publish through Minerva Publishing
– said the RAC in January this year.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the poem Arch Hades is not the only example of a high-selling NFT artwork. In fact, there are many creators who can boast much more popularity and … achievements.

The Beeple Collection

Top of the list is definitely worth including The Beeple Collection – CGI artist Mike Winkelmann, in December 2020, exhibited a total of 21 works of art inspired by technology, nature and Star Wars. Within three days, he managed to sell each of his works, earning over $ 3.5 million. The whole action gained publicity precisely because the works were based on the NFT. Their authenticity is supported by documents and … a sample of the artist’s hair.

However, what led to Beeple’s real fame was the #everdays concept, in which he created original, digital works of art every day for 5,000 days. Ultimately, in March 2021, the collection sold for a record $ 69 million at Christie’s prestigious auction house. It was the first traditional auction house to be sold by the NFT.

A square collage of 5,000 works from Beeple, start with the oldest in the top left corner and continuing to recent works in the bottom right corner.

Collage Everydays

Jack Dorsey’s first Tweet

Jack Dorsey, entrepreneur, billionaire and founder of Twitter, one of the largest social media platforms, in 2006 posted the first official tweet on his own platform. Described as a “memento of the history of technology” (forever preserved in the blockchain), the tweet sold for $ 2.9 million.

Collection of the creator of “Rick and Morty”

Another, in this case specific, example is the debut collection of cryptoarts from the creator of the animated cartoon “Rick and Morty” – Justin Roiland. Screenwriter, naming his collection “The best that I could do” sold a total of 16 paintings in the form of NFT tokens on the Nifty Gateway platform. Most of the works (such as the parody of The Simpsons series) were created on the Ethereum blockchain, guaranteeing privacy and authenticity to their owners.

Justin Roiland made about $ 1.65 million, of which he used a large portion of the profit to help the homeless in Los Angeles.

Art and NFT, how is Digital Art changing through blockchain? - 23

CryptoPunks are attacking Miami

CryptoPunk, one of the most popular (and expensive) NFTs, will be featured on billboards across Miami at the Pixelated monthly exhibition.

In collaboration with SaveArtSpace you will be able to see 96 digital characters (Ethereum based) created by CryptoPunks. Magic City residents will finally be able to see what the CryptoPunks phenomenon really is all about.
Digital, pixelated, algorithm-created works of art achieve records of popularity. The most expensive of them sell for exorbitant sums:

“CryptoPunk 7804” – $ 7.8 million
“CryptoPunk 3100” – $ 7.6 million
“CryptoPunk 6965” – $ 1.5 million
“CryptoPunk 4156” – $ 1.2 million

Single Buyer Splurges $ 1M in Ether on CryptoPunk Digital Collectibles - CoinDesk

The idea for the exhibition was created thanks to the artist and co-founder of SaveArtSpace – Justin Aversano, who wanted to introduce people to the world of digital art based on Ethereum, as well as the large contribution of one of the organizers and the support of Pixelated investors – Gmoney.

I figured f ** k a museum – why not put CryptoPunks on your billboards. The idea is to connect the digital and physical worlds by showing art in public
Aversano Decrypt said.

By showing punks in the real world, we want to indicate the part of society that has found value in punks. People either love or hate the NFT. It is a way to show that NFT is art and a new place for creators to showcase their work.
Gmoney announced.

Thanks to donations from CryptoPunk merchants, over $ 96,000 has been raised to continue the exhibition program. The works will be shown on billboards and bus stops in the Miami area from April 12 for at least a month.

Art and NFT – frenzy

Nowadays, we can find more and more such examples. By combining collector’s NFT and digital art, the market capitalization of NFT has increased significantly since its value was assessed. Of course, as with traditional art, the fame of the creator of NFT’s digital artwork is a big factor in determining their value. But given that more and more people value digital more than physical form – the NFT market has an interesting future ahead of it. But is it luminous?

Art and NFT, how is Digital Art changing through blockchain? - 25

ICO and NFT popularity over time

Words of criticism

The popularity of the NFT also goes hand in hand with skeptical voices about a new trend. Many artists, people of art and business criticize non-convertible tokens. It is mainly about concerns about the growing bubble of this form of artistic expression. In many cases, it is difficult to grasp the actual value behind the NFT. In the case of signing real works of art as a token, this problem does not exist. We are sure that we are buying ownership of an actual, material work. But what about digital art?
Proponents argue that it is about the same certainty of ownership. We then know that we are the owners of the rights to an authentic digital work of art that was created by a specific artist using specific resources.

Skeptics, in turn, question this uniqueness. After all, it is extremely difficult to talk about the uniqueness of a work that we can copy or reproduce in one click. The argument of authenticity in this case therefore seems to be questionable. Art and NFT, however, is a topic that will not be lost so quickly.

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