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October 3, 2022
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Austin Arnold presented projects that will surprise us in terms of technology –

Altcoin Daily host Austin Arnold decided to present his predictions on top altcoins. However, it was not so much about the valuation of projects, but their technological capabilities.

Austin Arnold: ETH will surprise us positively

Austin Arnold says that while the leading smart contract platform is often compared to Bitcoin (BTC), both projects offer different use cases.

Ethereum is trying to be something else. There is no steady supply. This is not the hardest form of money we have. But think of it as a global super-computer that anyone can work on, wherever they are and without an intermediary’s permission … While Bitcoin gives you the ability to be your own bank for the first time in human history, Ethereum gives you the option to create banking services. such as credits and loans, importantly, without an intermediary – added.

Other projects

He was similarly optimistic about the Aave project.

We can already see the great utility of this protocol – he said and noted that the DeFi market, of which Aave is a part, is growing very dynamically. Cora more people “Deposits [na rynku DeFi] your assets, [tworzy] social loans and loans without a centralized intermediary. ” This can be huge when it comes to giving average people financial freedom – added.

Arnold also notes that Aave plans to expand into Asian markets as he wants to introduce DeFi ideas to the institution.

He also praises Polkadot (DOT). He says he expects competitor Ethereum to do well in the market this year.

[Polkadot] wants to be a blockchain internet, offering not only interoperability so that different blockchains can connect and communicate with each other, but also is like Ethereum, this is something new, a DApp platform with its own ecosystem – he noted and added that “The ecosystem will be bigger, bigger and bigger”.

He also praised the Synthetix Network Token (SNX), which is a protocol that allows users to gain exposure to assets and commodities such as gold and Bitcoin using synthetic tokens.

(…) Synthethix aims to revolutionize the derivatives market, which is currently often valued at 1 trillion dollars – He said.

He also pointed to Cardano (ADA). Arnold says the seventh largest cryptocurrency asset could be an alternative to the world’s most important smart contract platform as Ethereum continues to struggle with some issues.

I think as Ethereum inevitably gets bigger and network congestion keeps growing, Ethereum users and developers will at some point move their products to Cardano as a more scalable option – added.

Most of all, he recommended Chainlink (LINK).

Indicators published by the organization itself on Twitter: 2020 was a year of record growth for the Chainlink network. Here is an overview of the key metrics such as: our adoption in the DeFi market, implemented [produktów]blockchain research and integration – he summed up.

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