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August 15, 2022
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Banks’ services become more expensive –

Using banks’ services is becoming more and more expensive. As he informs bankier.pl, the average monthly fee for a bank account in the first half of this year. PLN 5.91, and PLN 6.09 for the card on average. At that time, for example, card fees, ATM withdrawals and operations performed in branches became more expensive.

Banks’ services cost us more and more

The case was examined again by the National Bank of Poland (NBP). As part of its cyclical analyzes, 14 standard personal accounts are tested and the arithmetic mean of prices is calculated on this basis. Now the institution has checked prices in the first half of 2020. Six banks changed their price lists in this period: PKO BP, Bank Pocztowy, Bank Pekao, Credit Agricole, Citi Handlowy and Krakowski Bank Spółdzielczy.

“The published report shows that The average fee for keeping a savings and checking account in the first half of the year was PLN 5.91 and ranged from PLN 0.00 to PLN 15.00. This average decreased by PLN 0.46 compared to the second half of 2019 (then it was PLN 6.37). This reduction was caused by the change in the price list at PKO BP, where the account fee fell from PLN 8 to zero. On the other hand, the average monthly fee for account maintenance, taking into account the conditions entitling to exemption from this fee, was on average PLN 1.77 and did not change compared to the second half of 2019. “

– informs Wojciech Boczoń from bankier.pl.

On the other hand, the average monthly fee for a payment card increased issued to a personal account. As we read in the report, in the first half of the year it amounted to PLN 6.09 (it ranged from PLN 0 to PLN 10.00) and was 0.56 PLN higher than in the second half of the previous year. This change is the result of an increase in card fees at PKO Bank Polski and Bank Pocztowy “

– he adds.

Transfer? Better not do it at the bank office …

If you plan to make a transfer, you better not go to the bank for this. The average fee for the execution of a transfer order placed in an outlet was PLN 8.46 in the analyzed period. This is PLN 0.43 more than in the second half of 2019. In turn, the average price of telephone transfers increased by PLN 0.11 to PLN 7.20. Not only that, the average prices of instant transfers made in branches and by phone also increased.

“In the first case by PLN 0.22 to the level of PLN 11.66, and in the second – by PLN 0.39 to the level of PLN 13.79. On the other hand, the fee for instant transfers made online decreased to PLN 5.38 (a decrease of PLN 0.15) “

– we read on the Banker.

The average prices of other operations carried out in branches – cash deposits and withdrawals – and commissions for withdrawing funds from external ATMs also increased.

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