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October 2, 2022
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Big fish on the cryptocurrency market moved 1.45 billion in BTC –

The so-called the bigwigs in the cryptocurrency market are transferring huge amounts of Bitcoin again. Does it have to do with what is happening on the chart? In the background, there is a correction on BTC.

Bigger fish carry BTC

A total of $ 1.45 billion in BTC was transferred in just 24 hours. These data were presented by Whale Alert, which tracks these types of transactions.

The largest movement is related to a transaction worth 13,071 BTC (this gives us about $ 673.8 million in one transaction). The Bitcoin holder in question has transferred his cryptocurrencies between two anonymous addresses. This suggests that the move may have been an OTC transaction. It is also possible that the funds were transferred for security reasons, perhaps for fear of third parties seizing the private key to the address.

Another whale from the Bitcoin market transferred as much as 7,588 BTC worth 387.4 million dollars. It is also about transferring funds from one anonymous address to another.

In total, Whale Alert detected as many as 13 large transfers made by some of the largest existing Bitcoin holders. In total, they moved as much as 41,847 BTC.

About half of the transactions took place between anonymous wallets. The three transfers involved sending cryptocurrencies to the address of the digital asset custodian, Xapo. In turn, one was related to sending funds to an address belonging to Coinbase. Another whale transferred its BTC from Xapo to Binance.

Coinbase has recorded two outbound transfers from its platform to unknown wallets and one inbound transfer originating from Binance.

One big deal sent funds to the Luxembourg-based cryptocurrency exchange Bitstamp.

A detailed list of BTC transfers

Whale Alert has presented in its tweet a detailed list of the largest movements in the BTC network that have been registered in the last 24 hours:

• 4,350 BTC (222,051,625 USD) sent from Bitstamp to an anonymous address,
• 2,941 BTC (146,119,781 USD) sent from an anonymous address to an anonymous address,
• 2048 BTC (101 730 486 USD) sent from an anonymous address to an anonymous address,
• 1,251 BTC ($ 63,263,732) sent from Coinbase to an anonymous address,
• 1,220 BTC (62,539,969 USD) sent from Binance to Coinbase,
• 921 BTC ($ 45 794 639) sent from Xapo to Binance,
• 470 BTC (24,087,671 USD) sent from Coinbase to Xapo,
• 450 BTC (22 357 430 USD) sent from Coinbase to an anonymous address,
• 440 BTC (22 521 501 USD) sent from an anonymous address on Xapo,
• 387 BTC (19,927,537 USD) sent from an anonymous address on Xapo.

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