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November 27, 2022
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Binance CEO says Twitter hack is pro-Bitcoin campaign

The Twitter hack is a massive advertising campaign for Bitcoin, says the CEO of Binance.

While some people are still trying to differentiate a Twitter scam with a Bitcoin scam, the recent hack may have been just an “ad campaign” for Bitcoin.

At least that’s what the CEO of Binance thinks. Three days after the massive breach of the social network, Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance, wrote:

“Regardless of anything, it is a massive advertising campaign for Bitcoin. How often do you see these famous accounts tweeting about cryptocurrencies? although we all wish they had tweeted about the Binance Academy publication? ”

As we reported at the beginning of this story, on July 15, hackers attacked verified accounts of influential public figures, including politicians, celebrities, big names in the crypto universe and exchanges.

There is no bad advertising

The Twitter scam caught the attention of the international community, with coverage from the world’s leading news agencies and continuous updates as events unfolded. Both sides supported or criticized bitcoin’s security and its validity as a currency or asset.

As always, Bitcoin’s main critic and gold enthusiast, Peter Schiff, had negative things to say about Bitcoin’s apparent role in the hack.

“It appears that all verified Twitter accounts were hacked by someone applying a #Bitcoin scam. For the first time, not being checked has its advantage. I wonder if this is a harbinger of Bitcoin itself being hacked? Better to play it safe and buy only # gold. ”

In defense of bitcoin, and to show Bitcoin’s relevance in the hack, the founder of Wave, Sasha Ivanov, highlighted an important point:

“The hacker could have started World War III. Instead, he cheated people with 2.5 BTC. ”

According to the CEO of Binance, as long as people are talking about Bitcoin, it is valid advertising and it only helps mass adoption.


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That’s how people are willing to go, for Bitcoin

Considering the damage that hackers could have caused with this privileged access, they used only hacked accounts to steal bitcoins. According to this user from Twitter, the damage could have been much worse.

“12,895 BTC or approximately $ 119,000. But that is little, considering the scope of these accounts. ”

Binance’s CEO also added that this should serve as lesson for all cryptocurrency hodlers who unquestionably fall in love with these online offerings.

“It also educates the public about how not to fall for online scams, even if your favorite idol asks you to donate or transfer funds, check before sending.”

Twitter was quick to control the attack, with Jack Dorsey saying that hackers targeted a Twitter employee with “internal access” to systems and tools.

Meanwhile, the FBI is conducting a major investigation into hackers who appear to have orchestrated a well-coordinated and disappeared airborne attack. TRON’s CEO can, however, get a quicker result with a $ 1 million reward he promised to give to anyone who can track down hackers.

Source: zycrypto

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