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October 4, 2022
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Binance Coin record, BTC broken – Bitcoin Radio # 34 –

Every week I wonder if this is the moment when I can say that the official level of the cryptocurrency market absurdities has leveled off in 2017. I have the impression that this week … YES. This was mainly due to Binance Coin, which lands on the third place in the cryptocurrency capitalization ranking. The Binance Coin record is something extraordinary.

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Binance Coin record

Binance Coin’s record growth is something extraordinary for at least a few reasons. BNB is a native cryptocurrency exchange coin, not a cryptocurrency / technology project. Another important point is that Binance Coin’s increase in value by more than 100% over the past week not only sets the new ATH against the dollar. Binance Coin’s record also applies to cryptocurrency pairs. The cryptocurrency of the largest exchange of decentralized assets has never been listed so high against Bitcoin. This fact was announced by CZ himself – the creator of the stock exchange.

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In addition to the admiration for the Binance exchange project, we will also pay attention to Ether and Bitcoin, which are also doing very well in the last week. Despite the obvious successes, there were also some skeptical voices. One of them is the opinion of Charles Hoskinson. Cardano’s creator believes that Bitcoin offers its users nothing but popularity. By a complete coincidence, his project is to be the “best strongest”, because it is a third generation blockchain. But that’s not all. Michael Burry also shared a warning for the world of cryptocurrencies. The man who survived the real estate crisis in 2008 says states can nip Bitcoin in the bud. It is worth reading this gentleman’s interesting opinion.

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