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October 3, 2022
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Elon Musk and Bitcoin is a story strewn with tweets. They are sometimes funny, sometimes not funny – but they always trigger some kind of reaction in the environment. This was also the case this time. The creator of Tesla and Spacex announced that Bitcoin is his safeword. The connotations come to mind by themselves. Either way, Michael Saylor offered to help Musk buy bitcoin.

Bitcoin has a new ATH – is Elon Musk happy?

In Bitcoin Radio’s episode 25, it’s hard to talk about anything other than Bitcoin’s ATH. Unfortunately, since this event took place quite a few days ago, everyone knows about it, so we won’t talk too much about it. It is more surprising that right after breaking the current ATH, the king of cryptocurrencies moved this threshold to the level over $ 24,000!!

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You can hear interesting things in Ether too. The second most popular cryptocurrency is gaining a lot of interest in the ETH2 staking process. The equivalent of a billion dollars has already been deposited in the deposit contract. Despite the risks associated with this investment, as well as the long return on invested funds, the update introducing PoS to the Ethereum network is of great interest. I wrote about the staking process itself in another article.

Many of you probably know the Ledger company. Ledger specializes in creating a line of popular hardware wallets of the same name. Earlier this year, the company had the marketing and sales data of hundreds of thousands of customers stolen. This week they were made public by the hacker who launched the attack. This is a big blow for a cybersecurity institution, and the affected users are announcing collective lawsuits.

Bitcoin whales have accumulated a total of 500,000 BTC since September. If you are looking for a good reason why the price of the most popular cryptocurrency has increased by more than 200% – this one is quite good.

There is one more topic that someone could accuse me of anti-bitcoinism (that’s what it’s called?) Dan Morehead, one of the oldest bitcoin investors, believes that ETH and XRP have the potential to overtake bitcoin in terms of capitalization. He himself believes that it is worth investing in top altos, and he puts his money into … Polkadot!

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