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October 4, 2022
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– Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

Recently, clients of Ledger, a producer of hardware wallets for cryptocurrencies, receive suspicious e-mails in which someone blackmails them and wants to receive PLN 1000 in BTC. What is going on? This is probably the result of a data leak from the company’s database. The case is reported, among others, by Polish Blockchain and New Technologies Chamber of Commerce (IGBiNT). The organization also asks people who received such messages to contact them.

The Blockchain and New Technologies Chamber of Commerce asks for contact

On side of the chamber a message regarding the above case has just appeared.

We get information about a large-scale mailing campaign to addresses that have been stolen from the Ledger store and recently made public on the Internet.

As a result of the break-in, the full data of over 200,000 customers (e-mail, telephone number, name and surname, address) were stolen, of which approximately 7,500 from Poland.

The threatening emails you receive are just phishing and an attempt to extort money.

To try to curb this practice, we want to help coordinate the actions with the Police so that all reports are directed to one branch and not carried out independently by local departments

– we read on www.

What should i do?

Later, the Chamber explains what to do if you received a threatening email:

  1. save the e-mail / e-mails in the form of an .eml file for forwarding to the Police as evidence (this file can also be printed out, it’s plain text)
  2. report to the Police as an extortion attempt and, if you feel really threatened, a threat to kill
  3. send us the .eml file as an attachment to us along with the application number – we will forward it to the appropriate unit (rafal.kielbus@igbint.pl)

Saving the email as an .eml file is important because this file contains the headers that investigators need to track the sender of the email. If you use the forwarding form, these headers are not copied.

At the same time, we forwarded the inquiry to the law firm to investigate the possibility of bringing a class action against Ledger

– added further.

Let us remind you that the data leaked a few months ago. It is known that the hackers (hackers?) Took over the e-mails, but also other data of Ledger’s customers (apparently also about orders, so it can be e.g. the addresses of the victims). The company’s clients now receive criminal threats via e-mail regarding robbery and burglary. Criminals are demanding a ransom of PLN 1,000 in BTC.

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– Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

Aparnna Hajirnis

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