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October 2, 2022
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According to data provided by the Flipside Crypto team, Ethereum 2.0 validators currently earn 0.002792 ETH per day. The company also noted that this amount roughly translates to $ 1.71 a day, assuming ETH is $ 613. The team at Flipside Crypto shared their observations on the earnings of validators on Ethereum 2.0 via the tweet below and accompanying chart.

ETH 0.002792 per day = 3.2% Annual interest rate

Assuming that each Ethereum 2.0 validator has 32 ETH, 0.002792 ETH means daily interest of 0.008725%. When this amount is deposited during the year, the annual interest is approximately 3.2%.

Telegram group ETH2.0 Calculator, however, constructed a more precise method of calculating Ethereum 2.0 rewards. If you want to make your own calculations, you can use the ready one spreadsheet.

Etereum is holding a support of $ 600

Etereum is currently trading at $ 613. On December 17, the coin recorded a two-year high of $ 675. A quick glance at the Ethereum daily chart shows that the ETH is in correction with the $ 600 price area acting as an appropriate short-term support.

The fate of Ethereum is very much tied to that of Bitcoin. Much now depends on the volatility of BTC and whether the oldest cryptocurrency continues the bullish rally above 25,000. dollars. Should Bitcoin experience a correction to the $ 20,000 price zone, Ethereum is likely to lose its support area and enter lower levels around $ 500.

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If, on the other hand, you are interested in the topic of Ethereum 2.0, we invite you to read our extensive article on this topic. You will learn what Ethereum 2.0 is, why it is so eagerly anticipated and what benefits it can bring.

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