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October 4, 2022
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Renowned Wall Street veteran and host of the Keizer Report, Max Keizer, made his predictions of which big players will enter the Bitcoin market next. IN interview, he said now, said he strongly believed that hedge fund billionaire Ray Dalio and Tesla CEO Elon Musk would soon invest in cryptocurrencies.

Yes, Dalio and Musk will be next!

Keizer says that while Dalio has expressed his concerns about cryptocurrencies, even he will convert a large chunk of his wallet into BTC.

– Ray Dalio was a skeptic, now he is rather neutral. I think Ray Dalio will invest 10-20 percent. his Bitcoin wallet over the next few months, especially as his 2020 performance was pretty lousy, so he needs to get back in the race – He said.

Referring to the tweet of Elon Musk, in which the CEO of Tesla said that “Bitcoin is almost as weak as fiat money”, Keizer said that despite his rhetorical skepticism, the famous entrepreneur will eventually change his mind about the largest cryptocurrency.

– This is the learning curve for Bitcoin: everyone moves at their own pace. I bought BTC in 2011. Micheal Saylor took a look at this in 2013. He didn’t understand it then. It took five or six years for him to really figure it out. Elon Musk is looking at it now, and since he is a smart guy, he will eventually get the “orange pill” as we call it, and he will understand what’s going on here and enter the market. – he explained.

Science is essential

He recalled that MicroStrategy’s Micheal Saylor is now cleverly offering his help to CEOs of large companies in an attempt to create a snowball effect as big money accumulates in the Bitcoin market. All this is supposed to additionally raise the price of the cryptocurrency.

Keizer believes that with the type of institutional support that Saylor and other deep-pocketed investors can provide, Bitcoin will soar faster than expected, and central banks may realize too late that they are suddenly losing importance.

Saylor said to Elon Musk, “I will share my advice with you.” It was a key sentence. In other words, Saylor talks to CEOs around the world and tells them how he did it [jak kupił BTC]because he knows that if he persuades e.g. 10, 20, 30, 40 or more companies to do the same, the price of Bitcoin will go where it needs to go, but much faster, so it’s in his own interest. This is a game theory played among multi-billionaires around the world, and the biggest losers are central banks – he said.

He further predicted that “One of the world’s major central banks will be completely shut down, and this will begin the transformation of central banks into post-central.”

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