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October 4, 2022
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A wonderful thing – it’s been six months since the publication of the first episode of Bitcoin Radio. Plus, it’s the last Bitcoin Radio episode in 2020. With its end, I hope that all the events that have strained us so much will pass away.

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And in today’s episode of Bitcoin Radio!

Above all, the king of cryptocurrencies once again established a new ATH. That’s always good news at Bitcoin Radio. This time he showed us that the price bar may be suspended at the level of over $ 28,000. This event is also extremely interesting from the perspective of our Polish zloty. This week, the valuation of BTC in PLN broke the magic barrier of 100,000. Despite such spectacular results, Bitcoin still does not gain as much media coverage as in 2017. Does this mean that it still has a lot of room to show off?

This is what Michael van de Poppe claims – an analyst, according to which BTC in this rally is able to reach the price level of $ 40,000. Such a result would certainly please many cryptoinvestors – but we must remember that sharp increases very often end with an equally sharp correction.

While we’re on the subject of corrections, Ripple has had the biggest drop so far. This is related to a controversial lawsuit that was filed with the main officials of the project. As if that was not enough, one of the most important cryptocurrency exchanges – Coinbase, suspended trading on XRP.

Staking on ETH2 has been in operation for less than a month. Investors have started to summarize the current returns on investment and it turns out that they are not that spectacular. It turns out that the annual return on ETH staking is around 3.2%. Nevertheless, this result is still better than the current terms of bank deposits. Are any of you involved in ETH staking?

Bitcoin’s popularity can be measured in various ways. One of them is checking the number of active addresses on a given blockchain. The best proof of the growing popularity of BTC is the doubling of the number of active portals in 2020.

Thanks for being there!

Bitcoin Radio is a project that I have been creating for you for half a year. We close 2020 with episode # 26. I want to thank you for all your good words of support and commitment. I hope that in 2021 Bitcoin Radio will bring you even more cool information and will be your favorite pastime on Tuesday mornings

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