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October 3, 2022
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– Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

Daniel Hardman, chief architect and director of information security at Everny, believes blockchain can help democracy in general, especially in the process of counting citizens’ votes. In an interview with Cointelegraph, he explained how new technology can improve, for example, political voting.

Blockchain and the development of democracy

Essentially, blockchain can provide voters with a way to reliably and securely sign up for [systemu] voting, and once votes have been cast, it can be a mechanism for proving whether someone had the right to vote Hardman told Cointelegraph. – Blockchain can provide certain features that would help with control – added.

Note that the problem is not fancy at all. Recently, in the US, Republicans hesitated to accept the victory of President-elect Joe Biden, despite the fact that the electoral college verified the results of the US elections and recognized the victory of Donald Trump’s rival.

According to the expert cited above, blockchain has certain features that “would enable a more robust audit “.

Basically [dzięki blockchainowi] you would be able to put an end to any fear of being manipulated Hardman said.

For public blockchains such as Bitcoin (BTC), each transaction is recorded in an immutable public ledger, making audits more reliable and transparent than fully centralized processes.

While the model seems transparent and unchanging, how would the authorities know if the votes came from citizens who voted only once?

What you want is so-called end-to-end verification Hardman explained. – You need to know that a person can only register once, which means that when someone comes to register, you do what you would do today in the physical election mechanism, i.e. check their driving license – added.

He prints a finger

He continued saying that “The blockchain voting system may contain specific features to prevent voter fraud and malware, such as biometric voter identification.”

– If you know John Smith of 123 Main Street in Pennsylvania has a specific fingerprint, it will be difficult for someone else to vote on his behalf – Hardman explained.

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