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October 2, 2022
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It is often said that the global chaos makes cryptocurrencies stronger. If so, what Donald Trump is doing in the US may have an impact on the recent spikes in the Bitcoin market.

Bitcoin exchange rate and confusion in the US

Trump has lost the last presidential election and must therefore leave the White House soon. Only the president does not want to acknowledge his own defeat. In a telephone interview, he called Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to “Finds” enough votes to beat Joe Biden in this state.

We know that the conversation took place on Saturday, and the Washington Post obtained access to the recording of the dialogue between Trump and Raffensperger.

The recording takes an hour. Trump criticized Raffensperger, but also asked him to act to find the votes. He also warned him that he was taking it “big risk”.

During the conversation, however, Raffensperger replied to the president that he based his thinking on conspiracy theories. He stated that Biden won in Georgia by 11,779 votes, and it was not related to the forgery.

The people of Georgia are bad, the people of the country are bad (…). But nothing bad will happen if you say you counted again [głosy] Trump said, however. – I just want to find 11,780 votes, which is one more than we need. Because we got that state – he added and repeated that defeat in this state was not and is not real.

Trump is in great shock – theoretically, he could not lose!

Trump has a right to be shocked. Biden’s victory in Georgia was a big surprise as the state is almost a traditional Republican stronghold. Interestingly, no Democrat has won there until 1992. Apparently now it was the effect of high electoral mobilization of African Americans.

Analysts, however, emphasize that Donald Trump’s handover of power should not take place without much controversy. Besides, what we are seeing now could be part of the game. Apparently, the president wants to start with his media platform. It is possible that he is already looking for topics for his first programs.

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