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October 4, 2022
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Welcome to the first episode of Bitcoin Radio in 2021! Last year was quite complicated and difficult for all of us. Bitcoin itself, despite achieving ATH, has encountered many obstacles in the way of his own growth in the last 12 months. Last week, however, was much more gracious. The king of cryptocurrencies has set a new high price in history at $ 34,550. Ethereum achieved a similar success, breaking the $ 1000 mark for the first time since 2018. However, that’s not all we’ll talk about in the latest episode of Bitcoin Radio

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As previously indicated, Ether exceeded the price of $ 1000 and finally began to “tramp” with Bitcoin. The source of such a sharp increase (ie around 30% per week) may be the opening of Futures contracts by CME planned for February. The reasons for the growth, however, can be seen in something a bit more prosaic – maybe the market has stated that ETH is finally too cheap in relation to the most popular cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin Radio is also a reading corner for coffee grounds. And today the coffee grounds come from Willy Woo and Tom Lee. The former claims that the price of bitcoin should never fall below $ 20,000 again. According to this popular analyst, the level of support established, among others, by institutions investing in bitcoin mean that BTC cannot fall below this price. Nevertheless, Woo reminds that the black swan phenomenon can always occur on the market, which can effectively break this theory. Tom Lee, in turn, augurs bitcoin growth. Fundstrat director believes that in the near future, the Satoshi Nakamoto cryptocurrency could increase its value by as much as 300%. This time the weakening position of the dollar is the driving force for bitcoin.

However, the biggest loser this week is Ripple. The XRP cryptocurrency is still unable to recover from a lawsuit filed by the SEC. Ripple lost over 50% of its value, and difficult information continues to flow to us from overseas. Several cryptocurrency exchanges (including Coinbase) have suspended XRP trading due to postponed accusations. Pentoshi – a popular cryptocurrency analyst, claims that XRP is still looking for its bottom despite such large drops. For investors, the scale of the losses is quite difficult to estimate.

Remember to drink water!

Bitcoin Radio is not only about the topics listed above, but also many others. In this episode, a lot of questions about the price and the future of altcoins. Will their time come? It remains to be seen. Remember that you can listen to Bitcoin Radio on Spotify, Apple Podcast, and soon on YouTube channel KryptoRaportu.

Until next week!

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