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October 4, 2022
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YouTube star Mr Beast joins nearly 1 million other verified Brave browser publishers. This may cause some of its subscribers to “jump” to the Brave browser and buy its native BAT token.

Mr Beast bets on Brave

Jimmy Donaldson, also known as “Mr. Beast”, the famous YouTuber with 50.2 million subscribers and 8.5 billion views, now has a verified Brave browser account.

Importantly, Donaldson is not someone completely new to the world of cryptocurrencies and is believed to have made a significant amount of his money just by investing in cryptocurrencies. He created, among others cryptocurrency content. His channel then gained popularity. He himself reportedly bought a $ 100,000 car, which he managed to finance using digital currencies. However, his account was later deleted. The video about Bitcoin was the reason.

Mr. Beast also spoke on the KEEMSTAR podcast about how he almost lost BTC due to a home burglary, but managed to transfer funds to a new wallet.

With the price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies rising, the famous YouTuber seems to be returning to the blockchain world, becoming a verified publisher of the Brave browser. This will allow viewers to tip him in the form of BAT tokens – the native currency of the Brave browser.


Brave, founded by JavaScript creator Brendan Eich, has grown in popularity in the last two years – attracting nearly 1 million publishers and over 24 million monthly active users. The browser currently has 528,756 publishers from YouTube, 126,740 from Twitter, and 69,000 websites and Twitch.

The addition of Mr Beast to the growing list of Brave publishers has resulted in the community now predicting a big increase in the BAT token price.

Mr Beast is not the first known YouTuber to develop an interest in blockchain. In 2019, PewDiePie, which once had the most-subscribed channel with over 100 million subscribers, started hosting its broadcasts on the Dlive video-blockchain platform. However, on May 4, 2020, YouTube signed an exclusive deal with him, preventing him from continuing to use Dlive.

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