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October 2, 2022
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Bitcoin exceeds $ 23,000 and brand new ATH: earning more than $ 4,000 in one day

Bitcoin reaches new ATH of all time exceeding $ 23,000!

Bitcoin’s price recently surpassed the historic $ 20,000 barrier. However, on the same day, Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency by market cap, continued to appreciate, registering a new ATH above $ 23,000. Surprisingly, Bitcoin’s price was $ 19,400 just 24 hours ago – a daily increase of more than $ 4,000.

With just two weeks to go until the end of 2020, Bitcoin seems to give hodlers a reward for the other terrible 350 days that the world has had to experience everything from fear of a new world war, massive fires in Australia, a global pandemic that caused the markets to collapse.

In an analysis made yesterday by André Cardoso, CEO of Webitcoin and trader, it was pointed out that Bitcoin, in addition to exceeding the $ 20,000 mark, would still have the breath to go further.

After exceeding $ 22,000, Bitcoin bulls did not want to know about supports and pushed for new horizons. In just a few hours, they were able to rise to $ 23,000, bringing the total market value of the world’s largest encryption from $ 360 billion to about $ 416 billion in one day.

This would be the largest market capitalization in the history of Bitcoin, and it marked the moment when ALL BTC hodlers in the world could say they made a profit.

At the time of this writing, the BTC price was registering a daily high, which is the highest ever, at $ 23,441 (Bitstamp).

Bitcoin continues to rise as more news comes from the U.S. Fed planning to print more dollars. Along with this, more and more renowned financial institutions are entering the crypto universe to save their finances from devaluation.

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