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June 28, 2022
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Bitcoin for $ 120,000? Tone Vays – considers it very real

Experienced trader and analyst from the cryptocurrency market, Tone Vays, he saysthat Bitcoin will cost $ 120,000. It also predicts when the increases may end.

$ 120,000 Bitcoin

In a new video, Vays communicated to its subscribers that Bitcoin is on the verge of hitting the $ 80,000 mark. Then we will face an attack on higher regions – around USD 120,000. The analyst even gave specific dates.

– Bitcoin is currently at a brand new all-time weekly high. This is absolutely unbelievable. We haven’t managed to break the swing top record high of $ 61,769 yet [obecnie BTC jest po ponad 64 000 USD – przyp. ] (…) But shutting down is very important. This is extremely important. I know it’s a 24/7 market, but I’m a TA (Technical Analysis) guy and it’s important to me to close, and the weekly close to a new record level makes me really, really optimistic geared up – He said.

He also added that his “Target is in the lower end of $ 80,000.”

I would be happy to exit my trades in the average $ 70,000 range, and the slower we get there, the more bullish I will stay. The sooner we get there, the more I will wait for drops – added.

A deep correction is waiting for us?

Although Vays is short-term bullish against Bitcoin, it expects a severe drop in price before the world’s leading cryptocurrency assets take a giant leap in their prices.

– Now I expect another six weeks of growth. Can we get up to $ 120,000? Can we double the price in the next six weeks? Yes. (…) However, I think that somewhere in the next four to five weeks we will reach a peak and start to decline – added.

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