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June 28, 2022
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Bitcoin for $ 160,000 in 2021 – Bitcoin Radio Birthday # 52 –

I don’t like to start this way, but exceptionally I can’t help myself. Bitcoin Radio ends the year today! For the last 365 days, I have been taking you on a weekly journey to the world of cryptocurrencies – presenting the most important events, sometimes laughing at Elon Musk, sometimes from Dentacoin, and sometimes from John McAfee (Rest in Pizza John – “F”). Without you, this podcast would not make sense, because you are – thank you. And now we’re going on! To the moon!

Bitcoin for $ 160,000 in 2021?

This is the theory put forward by Alex Mashinsky – CEO of Celsius. Mashinsky says Bitcoin is after its big price rally up to $ 60,000 it now needs a healthy correction – the one we are currently in. Mashinsky believes the cryptocurrency king’s current pricing problems are only a stop on his way to further gains. Situation he compared this to the purchase of a new Tesla:

If the richest guy in the world is willing to trade Bitcoin for Tesla, you have to ask yourself who is getting the good deal? The moment you buy this Tesla it is worth less than what you paid for it, but the value of Bitcoin will continue to rise. So this deal is good for Elon, but it’s not good for you

But what about the market itself? It turns out not too well. Hashrate BTC has dropped to a record low (the last such low level was recorded a year ago). The reason is, of course, the ban on cryptocurrency mining in China. This is about a 50% decrease in the network’s mining capacity compared to the previous month.

At the same time, however, transaction prices in the Ethereum network are falling – this is definitely a good thing for people who operate in DeFi or operate in ecosystems of projects operating on the ETH blockchain. But let’s also not forget what awaits the second largest cryptocurrency network in the future. London update just around the corner and conversion to PoS in the near future.

Craig Wright and other Bitcoin Radio crazies

Do you remember who Craig Wright is? No. Certainly not Satoshi Nakamoto. Even so, Wright is still “bravely” fighting to get the copyright to the bitcoin whitepaper – a document posted by a mysterious cryptocurrency creator more than 10 years ago. As a result of the recent court battle, bitcoin.org was forced by a court ruling to remove the above-mentioned document from its website. Certainly Wright is satisfied with this.

An interesting thread is also the entry of the CBA into the Bydgoszcz club “Bitcoin” – as it turned out, the place did not have much to do with cryptocurrencies, but illegal gambling activities were actively conducted there.

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