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June 26, 2022
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Bitcoin for 8,000 USD. Ether for over 200 USD – Blocksats

Bitcoin costs USD 8,000 again. In turn Ether has already broken the $ 200 level. Did the market really believe in power? halvingu?

Bitcoin for 8,000 USD!

At the time of writing these words for 1 BTC you must pay USD 8,000 again. This means that another important psychological barrier on the chart kryptowaluty was defeated. In turn, Ether costs over USD 200 (exactly at the time of writing, USD 207).

What drives these increases? Although some skeptical investors have thought for the past few days that Halving is already included in the price of the cryptocurrency, but this again is a prank bears and rewards Bulls. Only in the last 24 h did BTC increase by about 4%, while ETH by more than 5%. The ETH / BTC ratio is 0.02565 in turn.

Mini bull market under halving

It seems that despite what is happening in the background – the ongoing pandemic coronavirus and the economic crisis that is about to start, which will probably last for over 2 years – BTC is living its own life again. As a very risky asset, it should lose value in such conditions. It happens differently.

So is this a prelude to the future bubble that we will see on the chart next year? It was so in the case of the previous two halvingów … Here we would suggest keeping the alertness and coolness that characterizes the best investors. Today, the economic environment has changed significantly. Previous cryptocurrency bubbles took place during the longest bull market in the history of modern markets. Today the situation is different. The biggest crisis is probably just beginning in several decades (some have suggested for 90 years).

The above does not, of course, cancel the new bubble, e.g. in 2021, but – we will emphasize it once again – keep calm and cool. On the other hand, buying BTC today for $ 8,000 may be one of the last such “cheap” deals.

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