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October 3, 2022
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Bitcoin has exceeded $ 20,000! We have a new ATH! – Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

Finally, what we have been waiting for a long time has happened. Bitcoin managed to surpass the desired $ 20,000 and establish a new ATH. Aside from a very short period in 2017 on one particular stock exchange, the coin has never crossed this magical barrier.

Bitcoin for $ 20,000!

The last few months have undoubtedly been exciting for the crypto community. The oldest cryptocurrency achieved huge price increases, which was also followed by the capitalization of the entire market. However, the situation has stagnated in the last few weeks, which has caused concern among investors.

Since breaking its previous ATH of 2017 in November, Bitcoin has made several unsuccessful attempts to break $ 20,000, but withdrew after each attempt. This led several analysts to consider the possibility that perhaps a full tank of the last rally was empty.

BTC, however, decided to try again and finally broke the important psychological barrier of 20,000. dollars, hitting the peak of $ 20,450. This is how the new ATH was noted.

What’s next? What is the BTC forecast?

Technically speaking, in 2017, BTC hit the $ 20,093 level on the BitMEX exchange. However, it could be argued that this was due to the pricing methodology used by the platform engine. Considering the fact that BTC did not break this barrier on other exchanges, the territory above $ 20,000 is still unknown.

Therefore, anything can happen. However, there are some important resistance levels based on technical indicators. These are $ 21,050, $ 22,200 and $ 23,800. Without a doubt, for any crypto enthusiast, now would be the perfect time to observe how a cryptocurrency behaves. It is worth noting that holidays are approaching and people all over the world will have the day off. At these times, it is usually more volatile than normal in the market.

Be especially careful when market volatility is high. Make sure you don’t fall into the so-called FOMO and plan a specific strategy that you will follow. Don’t forget that there will always be opportunities in the market, and missing a move doesn’t mean you missed your chance.

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