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October 4, 2022
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Bitcoin jumps from $ 20,000 to $ 30,000

On the eve of its 12th anniversary, the most popular cryptocurrency, bitcoin (BTC), surpassed another milestone, jumping above the $ 30,000 level for the first time, just over two weeks after returning to $ 20,000.

At the time of writing (12h52 UTC) (9:52 am GMT), BTC is trading at $ 30,723 and is up almost 5% in one day and 24% in a week. The price rose 55% in one month and 308% in one year.

BTC price list

Source: coinpaprika.com

It is also the top performing currency today. Other cryptoassets from the top 10 clubs are showing mixed results today. While bitcoin cash (BCH), ethereum (ETH) and litecoin (LTC) increase 1% -3% in one day, the other currencies are in red.

Tomorrow, January 3, is the 12th anniversary of the first block of the extracted Bitcoin blockchain, also known as the Genesis block.

As reported, only 4.2m BTC (22%) are currently in constant circulation and available for purchase and sale. However, it also estimated that, in 2021, BTC’s aggregate foreign exchange balance will increase as more holders seek to make profits or trade other cryptocurrencies.

In addition, interest in BTC continues to grow, according to data from Google.


We’ve spent a lot of time fighting for the $ 10,000 level in the past two years

In 2021, # BTC will see a $ 10,000 daily candle!

There was no resistance to $ 30k where everyone thought there would be. I suspect the bull market has just started.

Just to put things in perspective: with a market cap of $ 563 billion, # Bitcoin is now more valuable than all companies except nine publicly traded companies, located between Alibaba, with $ 630 billion, and Berkshire Hathaway, with $ 544 billion.

The previous ATH crash led to a 1.615% rise

Today, in Georgia, we have a celebration called Bedoba – Day of Destination Georgia’s Flag Whatever happens, it will be the course for the rest of the year! Happy ATH $ 30,500

Source: CryptoNews

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