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December 5, 2022
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Bitcoin or gold? Mike Novogratz reveals his favorite asset

Bitcoin enthusiast Mike Novogratz says he loves gold, but still prefers its digital version.

In a recent tweet, Mike Novogratz, CEO of the cryptocurrency bank Galaxy Digital, revealed that he prefers Bitcoin over gold.

Novogratz joked that Bank of America (BofA) had stolen its gold supply, while mentioning the fact that every gram of yellow metal in the world would form a cube just 21 meters deep and wide.

“Someone stole my line 😂😂😉amo gold. But not as much as $ btc ”

“If each gold were placed next to each other, the resulting pure gold cube would measure only 21 meters on each side: BofA”

Notably, Bitcoin, which is widely considered to be the digital version of gold, will have only 21 million coins in circulation.

Bank of America Gold

Bank of America recently launched this year’s edition of its overview of the gold industry, which included the quote published by Zero Hedge.

In its new booklet, BofA publishes some fascinating facts about the origin, physical characteristics and many other details about gold.

The most fascinating rumor mentioned by BofA is that the oceans are estimated to contain more than 10 billion tonnes of gold.

Bitcoin leaves gold behind

Gold had a remarkable year, despite the March crash. Now, it has risen more than 17%, approaching the historic $ 1,920 high that was set in September 2011.

As can be seen in the tweet above, Novogratz highlighted gold and Bitcoin as his favorite assets, but the latter is clearly his favorite asset.

Currently, Bitcoin is valuing around 53% in 2020, and is easily outpacing gold. According to Novogratz, the market-leading cryptocurrency is yet to surpass the $ 20,000 mark this year.

Source: U.Today

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