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November 27, 2022
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Bitcoin.org must remove the Bitcoin whitepaper from its site – this is the result of losing the case with Craig Wright –

Bitcoin.org needs to remove the Bitcoin whitepaper from its site and include a notice referring to the court ruling. As if that were not enough, the portal has to pay $ 48,600 to cover the legal costs of Craig Wright, the self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto.

Bitcoin.org needs to remove the BTC white paper

Recall that in January 2021, Wright sent letters to bitcoin.org, bitcoin.com, and bitcoincore.org demanding that copies of the Bitcoin white paper be removed from their websites. He claimed that they infringed his intellectual property, even though it has not yet been officially confirmed that Wright is the author of the document in question.

Craig Wright, however, managed to win a court battle for copyright infringement after he sued bitcoin.org for hosting a Bitcoin white paper.

However, it is worth emphasizing that Wright won the case after the owner of the website “Cøbra” decided not to organize a defense for himself and not to get involved in the trial at all.

As a result, Bitcoin.org must now remove the whitepaper from the site. In addition, the portal is required to publish a notice relating to the verdict and pay Wright $ 48,600 in legal fees.

Onter LLP, Wright’s legal representative, celebrated the victory as “Important progress in Dr. Wright’s quest to obtain the copyright for his White Book by court.”

“Dr. Wright does not want to restrict access to his White Paper” Onter’s colleague Simon Cohen wrote. He added that his client, however, did not agree that the document was there “Used by advocates and developers of alternative assets such as Bitcoin Core.” As he added, the BTC white paper is used by Bitcoin Core supporters to “Misrepresent“Is an asset as Bitcoin. BTC supporters have, according to a lawyer, “not support “ real “Bitcoin’s vision that [Wright] presented in his white paper. “


War for the white book

The current case, however, was lost mainly due to the sluggishness of the creator of bitcoin.org. He had 22 days to reply to the letter regarding the organization of the court hearing. The deadline was April 26.

Last month, Cøbra tweeted that he deliberately missed the deadline. “I didn’t show up because defending against nonsense is a waste of time”, stated.

Self-proclaimed Nakamoto

Wright, an Australian businessman and early adopter of the BTC market, first declared himself Satoshi Nakamoto back in 2016. Few people believed him from the very beginning. For example, Gavin Andresen himself, a leading Bitcoin Core developer who received the original whitepaper from Satoshi, initially publicly endorsed Wright’s claim, but quickly changed his mind about it.

Today, most BTC fans mock Wright more than believe that he was the first cryptocurrency in the world. To this day, it has not been established and officially announced who Satoshi is.

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