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November 29, 2022
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Bitcoin to the moon! – Bitcoin Radio # 50 –

Bitcoin to the moon? Is Bitcoin going to the moon? This question last week widened the pupils of all cryptocurrency geeks. In this latest episode of Bitcoin Radio, we’ll look at the reasons behind the current rises and consider if there are any long-term rises ahead.

Bitcoin to the Moon

This week’s news that has shaken the entire cryptocurrency world is a brand new and fresh stance by Elon Musk on accepting cryptocurrencies by Tesla. It turns out that the billionaire company will accept payments in BTC on one condition, Musk himself revealed on Twitter.

When there is confirmation of a reasonable (~ 50%) use of clean energy by miners with a positive future trend, Tesla will allow Bitcoin trading again.

Remember that this information comes from a term that is quite difficult for Musk when it comes to his PR image. The billionaire even got hit by Anonymous, which I told in the previous episode.

However, the situation on the market seems to be slowly unraveling. According to the latest analysis by twitter experts, long-term investors buy coins sold by selling short-term investors. The fight between bulls and bears is very fierce. It remains to wait for what will happen next.

Even more on Bitcoin Radio

The NBP referred to the questions of our editorial office on the issue of CBDC and the digitization of the zloty. As it is not difficult to guess – the position does not differ much from the narrative which the NBP has been adopting for a long time. As a reminder – the risks and costs of implementing CBDC may outweigh the benefits. The International Monetary Fund is of a similar opinion. The organization claims that the main risks of CBDC are related to the area of ​​money laundering and KYC policies.

The luxury villa was sold for $ 22 million in BTC. This is another example of such a large transaction that involved the use of cryptocurrency. The cross-border nature and low commissions seem to strongly support this segment of the economy.

In Bitcoin Radio I also have for you the story of Janusz Zajdel – a Polish writer who long ago predicted the emergence of digital currencies in one of his novels. It can be a very interesting treat for fantasy lovers.

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