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October 3, 2022
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Bitcoin whitepaper on the City of Miami website

The battle for Bitcoin white paper status recently launched by Craig Wright is beginning to attract more and more attention. Following overseas companies, Miami – a pro-bitcoin city in the US, has published a whitepaper on its website.

White Paper on the Miami website

Recently, the city of Miami joined the ranks of organizations publishing the Bitcoin whitepaper on their websites. Document jis now available on the city’s official website. According to the insiders, the initiative was initiated by the mayor of the city – Francis Suarez.

The mayor of Miami made his position on the flagship cryptocurrency clear, tweeting last year that Bitcoin was a “stable investment” in an “incredibly volatile year.”

Suarez added that his knowledge of Bitcoin came from industry leaders such as Anthony Pompliano and Tyler Winklevoss. Now that he knows more about it, he works around the clock to transform Miami into a major cryptocurrency hub.

Craig Wright is freaking out again

The publication is another manifestation of opposition from cryptocurrency-friendly governments that began after a dispute between Bitcoin.org and Bitcoin Core, and the self-proclaimed creator of Bitcoin Craig Wright.

Last week, Bitcoin.org announced in blog postthat, along with the developers of Bitcoincore.org, he received a letter from Wright’s lawyers. The letter contained a request to remove the Bitcoin white paper from the organization’s websites. Wright once again stated that he is the creator of Bitcoin – Satoshi Nakamoto, and that he is the original copyright holder of the whitepaper.

Bitcoincore.org has removed the whitepaper, however bitcoin.org has announced that it will not yield to Wright’s demands. The group explained that Bitcoin’s whitepaper was released under a free license from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and Wright has so far not provided any evidence that it actually was Stoshi.

Since then, in an act of objection, several companies and cities have published the document on their websites. Notable names include entities such as Square Crypto, Coin Center, and Project Novi. Yesterday, The Block also announced that the whitepaper has published the Estonian e-Residency program – an initiative to apply for a visa for tech entrepreneurs in this European country.

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