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October 4, 2022
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Bitcoin will reach a price of 100,000. dollars

Jordan Belfort, the famous Wolf of Wall Street, spoke about cryptocurrencies in interview for Fortune. The American entrepreneur and writer seems to be bitcoin-minded. Belfort stated that the next ATH of the original cryptocurrency will have five zeros.

This optimism and outlook is based on the comparison between Bitcoin and Gamestop’s corporate actions. A well-known trader commented as follows:

Clean supply and demand, free from the bias of efficiently printing more of your corporate currency.

According to Jordan Belfort, what influences Bitcoin?

According to Belfort, what really sets Bitcoin apart from stocks is its steady supply. Because if stocks are pumped too long, the company continues to sell them, but their value diminishes. This is something that does not apply to the world of cryptocurrencies, especially bitcoin. BTC has no problems faced by traditional markets. In the case of the latter, high prices tend to increase supply, thus turning increases into decreases.

It was this steady supply that made the Wall Street wolf shift its mind. In 2017, when Belford was accused of extorting $ 200 million from investors, bitcoin experienced a bull market and soared to $ 20,000. At the time, the Wolf of Wall Street argued that regulators would not allow the industry to expand further. However, as you can see, no one is infallible. In a recent interview with the Flagrant 2 podcast, the former stockbroker stated that while he was right in predicting the 2017 Bitcoin crash, he did not predict that the leading cryptocurrency would ultimately be such a huge success.

When I first saw Bitcoin, I thought the technology was great. It was amazing. When I saw the price was $ 17,000, $ 20,000, I thought, “Run! It will implode, ”he said. – I thought when it was [bańka na BTC] it will break eventually [kryptowaluta] it will disappear and never come back [do mainstreamu]but it didn’t. I was wrong about that. I thought it would just go away but it didn’t. Why? Because many people believed it

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