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June 26, 2022
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BitFlyer is working with Brave to create a new wallet | Blocksats

BitFlyer, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in Japan in terms of volume, has announced a partnership with Brave, standing behind an internet browser, protecting user privacy.

According to announcement, BitFlyer and Brave will develop a “cryptocurrency wallet for Brave browser users”.

For now, no further details about the new crypto portfolio have been made available. Japanese Brave browser users are rewarded with Basic Attention Token Points (BAP) due to regulations that prevent them from getting BAT tokens or exchanging their points for Fiats on exchanges.

This announcement can fuel speculation that the new wallet will pave the way for Japanese users to earn BAT instead of BAP, or allow them to be converted.

“We are currently using” points “to reward users, but there are some restrictions. [Poprzez partnerstwo] we think a way out of the situation may arise. “

Said spokesman Brave.

BitFlyer explained that further details about the wallet will be revealed during the event that will take place on July 30 in Tokyo. During the event, Brendan Eich, the founder of the company, will appear, and the event itself will be mainly targeted at advertisers.

The growing popularity of the Brave browser in Japan

Brave is becoming increasingly popular in Japan. Last month, she collaborated with the Korean pop group “BTS” and Rush Gaming – a Japanese e-sports team to develop browsers exclusively for Japanese users.

For Rush Gaming, limited browser users can earn BAP by watching ads. BAP can be used to support an e-sports team.

Recently, several Japanese cryptocurrency exchanges, including BitFlyer, announced support for a BAT token.

Refraining from explaining the possibilities for the new wallet, the BitFlyer exchange has stated:

“Brave is a BAT connected browser, and browsing is a daily activity. It will be a new opportunity for users to use and earn cryptocurrencies and we perceive it as a new model showing the potential of crypto […] Through our partnership with Brave, we want people to become more familiar with cryptocurrencies. “

BitFlyer and Brave are also planning to launch a joint marketing campaign “to increase the recognition of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology among our clients.”

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