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December 5, 2022
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Bitpreço: The ideal marketplace for trading cryptocurrencies

Pioneer in the idea of ​​bringing together the best offers on a single platform, Bitpreço stands out as a cryptocurrency marketplace.

In times of crisis in traditional markets, cryptocurrency trading becomes much more commonplace. However, there are so many options for exchanges – each with their different prices – that it is sometimes difficult to be sure that we are doing the best deal at the moment. That’s where Bitpreço’s marketplace concept comes in.

Cryptocurrency Marketplace: an innovative idea

Given the great need to compare prices in real time and optimize the time spent between registrations, deposits and withdrawals between multiple exchanges, the Bitprice stood out. Why not combine the best options in one place so that the user can easily buy and sell at the best prices? The idea was put into practice, emerging the most innovative cryptocurrency marketplace in Brazil.

It is worth mentioning that the strategy is efficient, since the platform has been consistently among the largest traded volumes in the country.

Ethereum can also be traded

As a novelty this April, Bitpreço announced that Ethereum was added to the platform, enabling users to trade it with the same ease and practicality that they had already been having with Bitcoin.

Ethereum buy and sell orders at Bitpreço

According to André Hamada, Bitpreço co-founder, the addition of ETH indicates a wide horizon of opportunities:

“It is the largest altcoin in market value, according to coinmarketcap, with a lot of room for movement using this crypto. In the first days of making the marketplace available in Ethereum, more than 100 ETH have been handled. So it’s a broad market that our users can explore. ”

The availability of exchanges also draws attention, as seven options are provided to users: Bitfinex, Bitcoin Market, BitcoinTrade, Braziliex, Coinext, NovaDax and Foxbit. In addition, Binance will soon be accessible on the Ethereum marketplace.

Currently, it is already possible to trade Ethereum on the platform through the ETH / BRL pair.

In constant evolution, we can expect more news from Bitpreço soon.

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