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October 5, 2022
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Bored at Home Due to Lockdown? Here are Cryptocurrency Activities to do

Amidst the coronavirus outbreak, the entire world has been locked in their homes to prevent the disease from spreading. Due to which everyone is finding digital solutions for most of their problems.

Here are some cryptocurrency-related activities to work on to utilise the lockdown period efficiently.

1) Take online courses on blockchain and cryptocurrencies

Most of the online teaching platforms are now offering courses for free or heavily discounted along with professional certification. Online platforms such as Coursera, Udemy, Youtube, Edx etc. All the blockchain and Cryptocurrency enthusiasts out there who did not have the time earlier to explore and learn these subjects, this is the time to utilise and make a mark.

2) Enlightening the knowledge of cryptocurrencies and blockchain to your family

As we know many of our family members are still not aware of digital currencies, the lockdown is the right time since you are together with your family and you can utilise this time in educating them, explaining them the terms cryptocurrencies and blockchain, the working of it and how are they beneficial to the human race. You can also make them aware of the current happenings that are happening globally w.r.t., the cryptocurrencies.

3) Watching the cryptocurrency market

Keeping up with the cryptocurrency market that includes the rise and fall in the cryptocurrency rates, analysing the market situation, understanding how cryptocurrency trade happens. To watch the cryptocurrency market you could also try developing your own automated cryptocurrency trading software. If not developing you can also try using one of the automated cryptocurrency trading software. Automated cryptocurrency trading tools prove to be beneficial for beginners in cryptocurrency trading. The use of the tool proves to be helpful since the cryptocurrency fluctuations happen too frequently.

4) Watching Cryptocurrency related movies and documentaries

With the increasing popularity among the cryptocurrencies, the entertainment industry is not far behind. The industry has been making movies and documentaries related to the cryptocurrencies. The movies are interesting and help the common people in understanding the working of cryptocurrencies and the hard work of the people behind the cryptocurrencies.

5) Chat with cryptocurrency traders

Most of the cryptocurrency traders are now available and you could utilise this time to have a chat with them, discuss, clear your doubts on current market trends if you have been planning to invest in cryptocurrencies.

Also, Aaron Fifield is one of the hosts of Chat With Traders podcast where he uses his knowledge of stock trading and interviews the biggest traders. His investment advice proves to be helpful for the traders.

6) Attending the online Blockchain and Cryptocurrency events

Even though most of the blockchain and cryptocurrency events have been cancelled this year, there are many other conferences and events that have been organised online. You can register and attend these events sitting at your home and make most of your time. Here are some of the upcoming events that are organised amidst the COVID-19 pandemic  lockdown.


These are some of the ways that one could use to spend their time amidst the lockdown. Hope everyone makes the best use of their time. Stay safe at home, maintain social distancing, keep learning, and keep trading.

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