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November 29, 2022
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BTC will be the best investment of 2021 – says Raoul Pal –

Raoul Pal made another comment on BTC and ETH. He repeated his theory that Bitcoin is “Super massive black hole” and it will drain capital from any other large asset.

Raoul Pal compares BTC and ETH with other assets

Pal compares the market performance of Bitcoin and Ether to that of other major assets in the market. It turns out that from the beginning of 2021, the two major cryptocurrencies were more efficient in terms of generating profits than important indices, commodities or gold.

SPX [S&P 500] + 11.5%
NDX [NASDAQ] + 7.84%
EEM [iShares Emerging Markets] + 4.71%
TLT [20-letnie obligacje skarbowe] -11.28%
Oil + 31%
Gold -6.86%
Copper + 26.29%
Wheat + 15.75%
DXY [indeks dolara amerykańskiego] + 1.46%
EU ETS [unijny system handlu uprawnieniami do emisji] + 49.27%
Wood + 130%

Pal summed up.

He added that BTC went up by 95.87% in this period, and ETH by 274.75%.

Even considering the risks involved in investing in cryptocurrencies, the digital asset space still overshadows everything else we can invest our savings in.

Like it or not, this is the finest deal in the last 12 months and one of the biggest ever. BTC increased by 1,386% from the March 2020 minimum. ETH increased by 2,985% from the March 2020 minimum.

Added Pal.

He himself believes that Bitcoin and Ether will continue to rise this year.

My theory is that no investment will beat cryptocurrencies this year and they will suck more and more capital

– he predicted.

Everything else is a waste of time

Real Vision Group co-founder’s tweets are in line with his earlier statements in which he claimed the cryptocurrency markets are starting to make all other investments look like a waste of time and money.

– The point is that [BTC] outperforms all asset classes on Earth. (…) I can buy and hold Bitcoins and earn [ponad] 100%, and it’s only mid-March. (…) At this stage of the cryptocurrency cycle, nothing else matters He said.

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