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November 29, 2022
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BTG Pactual teaches investing in cryptocurrencies and marijuana and talks about financial scams

Considered as alternative investments in the traditional financial market, BTG Pactual bank published a video on Youtube about the hype caused by assets such as cannabis and cryptocurrencies.

Presented by Gustavo Cerbasi, the financial education program commanded by financial intelligence expert he even cited a financial pyramid that emerged in Brazil a few years ago, involving investments in ostrich.

In a brief summary of trends in the Brazilian investment market, the expert talks about innovative investments such as tokens, games, cannabis and cryptoactives.

Opportunists take advantage of financial market hype

After announcing that it will have an exchange, BTG Pactual bank released a video on how alternative investments become a trend in the financial market.

Thus, when talking about cryptoactives, Gustavo Cerbasi warns of “opportunists” who take advantage of the market hype and high profitability to apply financial scams. In a parallel with old scams, the specialist mentioned in the video the famous case of the “Boi Gordo”.

“I recommend that people be careful before accessing this type of investment. A very simple reason, everything that is new in the market, usually makes some noise, because numbers that show the profitability of what started a short time ago tend to be very large numbers.

This tends to attract a lot of people, this tends to motivate many opportunists to set up businesses based on this type of novelty and attract the unwary on top of profitability.”

BTG Pactual presents cryptocurrencies as an innovative investment

In addition to warning about scams involving news in the traditional financial market, Gustavo Cerbasi explained how cryptocurrencies are considered an innovative investment.

The arrival of assets such as cannabis and cryptocurrencies in Traditional financial market takes place through investment products or funds, such as ETFs who trade Bitcoin on the stock exchange.

“Whenever there is something new in the business world, it will reach investors in the form of a fund, in the form of some product, which can be used by investors who prefer this type of innovative, alternative investment.

Finally, some examples can be cited: cryptoactives, investments in cannabis, investments in tokens, games, businesses that bring some kind of innovation that did not exist in the market for a short time.”

Exchange to trade Bitcoin

Before publishing a video about cryptocurrencies and cannabis this last Tuesday (21), the bank BTG Pactual announced its entry into the Bitcoin market. Coming soon, the institution will have an exchange to trade BTC and ETH.

Called Mynt, the platform will be launched in the next quarter in the cryptocurrency market. This is the first time that a Brazilian bank announces the launch of an exchange.

In addition to trading Bitcoin and Ethereum, Mynt may offer other cryptocurrencies in the future, according to the proposed expansion of the exchange created by BTG Pactual bank.

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