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December 5, 2022
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Buy Bitcoin at Binance with Reais (R $) in the cheapest way

Did you know that you have a quick, easy and cheap way to buy Bitcoin at Binance with Reais?

Well, the functionality that recently entered the largest cryptography platform in the world makes it possible to do this by working as a P2P Escrow, intermediating transactions between the parties.

There are P2P (people who buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies directly) and there are those interested. They meet on the P2P page at Binance and do the entire transaction there. P2P leaves the credit amount on the platform that is available for transactions and the customer, for example, starts a transaction to buy BTC, USDT or another crypto.

The big advantage is that this is done in the currency of each country with the payment institutions for each location; that is, you can transfer from your bank in Brazil directly to the P2P account in Brazil and when both say ‘OK’ in the transaction, Binance transfers the funds immediately with a ZERO fee by Binance.

Why cheaper?

Peer to peer (P2P) transactions are made from person to person without bank or institution fees and Exchange is not charging a fee for this service.
The only fee is the trader’s profit margin which is around 2% of the average price. But the advantage is that this margin is applied directly to the price of BTC or another dollar crypto at Binance.

Buy Bitcoin at Binance with Reais at 488ex

In the figure you see the representatives on the left, the price applied to the dollar (already with the P2P margin), the limit, the payment method and the button to buy.

Always pay attention to the status of complete transactions below each merchant (ideal 100%) and, preferably, if it is marked in yellow which means verified account (official partners of Binance). Another point, of course, is the price. Where the dollar is cheaper, better for those who are buying.

In this case the 488ex it appears as an ideal transaction position, with verified account and best price.
Another consideration that does not appear on this screen is that this company, in addition to providing this P2P service, is also a cryptocurrency exchange located in Curitiba; then, there is more credibility.


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And the process of buying or selling is really easy!

After you click Buy Crypto (USD)> P2P Crypto Exchange >…

Buy USDT at Binance with Reais

Make the necessary filters to see the P2P’s options.
Choose cryptocurrency you want to buy or sell and the base currency (cash) to do the operation; in our case, the BRL that symbolizes the Brazilian real (R $).

After you click Buy USDT and of course, it could be But BTC, or ETH, or the currencies available, the fields appear (screen below) for you to fill in how much you want to buy in reais on the left and how much you will give in USDT on the right.

buy bitcoin at binance

See that above, the 5.42 BRL it is the dollar quote already with the P2P rate and that has a 30 second counter there that always updates that quote and that below it has the dealer data, in this case the 488ex. It even appears on the company’s representative’s whatsapp and also the banks that it works to make the transactions.

The P2P bank details appear on the next screen for the USDT buyer (in this case) to make the transfer.
In addition to showing the contact of the seller, Binance also provides a chat for the parties to talk there too.

At that time, in direct contact with the other party, you can change the bank, change the payment method and combine in the best way that each one prefers.

When both give ok in the operation, Binance releases the funds immediately and ready, a new customer, in this example, bought 1000 reais of USDT, equivalent to USDT 184.50, sending it to the wallet he wants (It can be from Binance itself or another one from outside) .

Simple and fast right?

And now with a weight broker passing credibility when buying bitcoin at Binance with reais, try the platform, choose your P2P on the Exchange page and buy your cryptocurrency.

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