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August 9, 2022
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CBOE could relaunch its bitcoin futures

In March 2019, just over a year after its launch, the CBOE decided to suspend its Bitcoin futures.

At the time, the bitcoin market appeared to be in a bearish phase and the trading volumes of these derivatives had shrunk tremendously.

Since then, however, many things have changed, so much so that the price of bitcoin, for example, has skyrocketed, first from $ 4,000 to $ 10,000, and then even exceeded $ 50,000.

In the past 12 months in particular, this market has literally exploded, especially with regard to future contracts, especially those of rival CME.

At this point, it really seems a little strange that CBOE is staying out of that market, after being the first to launch exchangeable bitcoin futures contracts in December 2017, that is, at the height of the speculative bubble.

In fact, Cboe Global Markets CEO Ed Tilly told the Bloomberg that the company is looking to re-enter the crypto universe after some unsuccessful attempts in recent years.

Speaking of bitcoin futures, he said:

“We are still interested in this universe, we have not given up on it. We are committed to building the entire platform. There is a lot of demand from retailers and institutions, and we need to be there ”.

CBOE in the crypto universe

In addition to BTC futures, the CBOE also tried to create a bitcoin ETF along with VanEck and SolidX, but the SEC effectively prevented its launch, convincing promoters to withdraw their approval requests.

Now, however, the scenario appears to have changed completely, so much so that it is assumed that the SEC itself may finally be willing to approve bitcoin ETFs.

In the meantime, CBOE itself entered the crypto industry again in December, in particular in the cryptocurrency market data business in partnership with CoinRoutes. Therefore, it is more than logical to expect that your involvement in this sector can grow even more.

It is also worth adding that in 2021 there are, in fact, countless companies operating in the field of traditional finance that have entered, or want to enter, the universe of cryptocurrencies, in some cases even resoundingly. In fact, it is very difficult to imagine CBOE continuing to be left out.

Source: Cryptonomist

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