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November 29, 2022
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China adds blockchain related titles to the official competition list

There are 1838 officially recognized professions in China. Now she has been joined by positions such as blockchain engineer and application operator.

Become a blockchain engineer in China

The Chinese Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security (MOHRSS) recently announced that two new professions have been added to the list of official professions: “Blockchain Engineer” and “Blockchain Application Operator”.

The list defines “Blockchain Engineer” as a person who works on architecture design, programming, system applications and testing. Blockchain Application Operator “focuses on techniques that use blockchain applications in industry, education or the public sector.

Recognizing a blockchain engineer as a completely different profession than a software engineer is important for the industry because it allows statistics to understand the size of the workforce and participation in it. Universities will be able to look at industry demand and plan their curricula accordingly.

Another example: the first sign of a bubble burst in the Blockchain sector may occur when the number of employed Blockchain engineers decreases and the number of overall software engineers increases. If the number of people employed in blockchain occupations increases from year to year, it will be a sign that the industry is sustainable.

The official definition of blockchain professions also means starting the regulatory process in the industry. ST Daily reported that people working in the blockchain industry, as with other professions, also have their own code of ethics.

People have responded positively to new messages. The China Daily announcement gathered 1500 likes and 450 shares on a social platform Weibo. Some companies associated with blockchain posted recruitment ads in the comments: “We employ blockchain engineers, write a private message for more information.”

The changing face of the Chinese economy

The first official list of occupations in China was published in 1999. It is updated annually with new professions as the economy develops and new industries emerge. For example, in 2019, competitions such as “eSport Athlete” and “Drone Pilot” were added to it, which proves the continuous development of the e-sport industry and the ever-growing use of commercial and government unmanned aircraft.

What other competitions have been added to the list this year? “Live-streaming online marketing specialist” and “online teacher” – the popularity of both these professions exploded while people stayed home due to a coronavirus pandemic.

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